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Under The Wire

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Windows 7: battery management

Many people, and also I, attended Windows 7 because Microsoft promised very good usability also with netbook. In my opinion, a lot of user expectations are realized by last public beta of Windows 7, but THIS IS ONLY A BETA VERSION and many work will do before the final version.

I’m trying Windows 7 on my EeePc 1000H and a good surprise of new OS is the battery management. Before of Windows 7 I used Windows Xp on my netbook and the best work-time was 5h and 5 min. With the new OS,  it increases to 6h and 51 min. 2

These times (on Xp and on Windows 7) are obtained by this setting:

  • Minimal brightness
  • Wireless off
  • Bluetooth off
  • 10 minutes after start
  • Windows setting: power saver

The power saver setting disables Aero, if you enable it the time is not very different: 5h and 50 min.


Naturally this times decrease with a intensive work, however, they are very interesting: in fact the normal activity on this kind of pc is read or write a text file. One supplementary battery’s hour is very useful specially on travel when is not possible recharge the battery.

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There must be a mistake, I don't think that 6 hours and 51 minutes are not too different from 5 hours and 50 minutes. Isn't it?


Instead, these times are true. Difference is big but initially I didn't realize this benefit because normally I use Asus Power Management that doesn't turn off Aero. A day, during a very boring FLAC lesson, I tried to turn off Aero and time raises by 1 hour. Naturally these times are maximum time.

Il signore Oscuro

Wow, more than 6 hour! your eee-phone (without phone capability ;-) ) it's becaming very interesting now

PS "A day, during a very boring FLAC lesson" NO COMMENT!!!!!


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These is another windows fail. BETA VERSION???? It’s a joke?? If your product is not fully ended please don’t sell it.

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