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Under The Wire

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Facebook Lite: new Facebook’s interface

Today talk about new Facebook version: Facebook Lite.



Starting from Facebook Mobile experience, the developers are projecting new easier interface. New version is very simple and clear, there aren’t unnecessary bars and it is very fast to load also by slow connections.

In fact, this version is thinking in order to new users from developing country and to mobile devices (iPhone, Smartphone,…) that use slow connections.

However, this new version has all necessary functions:

  • Post videos and photos
  • Show videos and photos
  • Write comments
  • Like feature
  • Management profile info and friends
  • Wall

This version is only a test interface, but probably it is a preview of next Facebook graphic.



Thursday, October 15, 2009

Windows 7 launch party pack: unboxing

Today  Windows 7 house party kit is arrived to my home.

Here's what it includes:

  • One poster with the Windows 7 desktop design
  • One deck of playing cards with Windows 7 desktop design
  • One puzzle with Windows 7 desktop design
  • One table top centerpiece
  • One package of Windows 7 napkins
  • Ten tote bags with Windows 7 desktop design

And the most important thing: two DVDs, one with 32-bit Windows 7 Ultimate Signature Edition and one with 64-bit Windows 7 Ultimate Signature Edition.

And now some photo:

151020091269[1] 151020091268[1]

151020091270[2] 151020091272[1]

151020091273[1] 151020091274[1]

and a video:



Sunday, October 4, 2009

Easy Screen Sharing by Skype

The last version of Skype (4.1) hides a new interesting feature: the screen sharing.


Normally when I’m working in a team or talking with friends by pc I want show them  images or all my screen and the fastest solution was a screenshot, but many time only one isn’t sufficient (Did you try to help a friend to use a program?). Up to now there aren’t a easy alternative and you have to install a remote assistant software. Now with last version of Skype screen sharing is easy and images are good quality. Skype transmits screen like a video call and both people of call can share their screen.

If you want share your screen with a friends then:

  1. Open Skype
  2. Click on Share->Share Your Screen
  3. You can choose if share all screen or only a selected area


Clicking on “Share selection”, a black box appears on screen and you can move and resize it until you are satisfy.


Then you can click on “Start screen sharing ”. However you can switch to full screen sharing by “Select fullscreen” button.


When you want finish screen sharing click on “Stop screen sharing” or close the video-call by red button.

Bye sys.


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