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Friday, January 9, 2009

Install Windows 7 by USB Pen Driver

This method is perfect to install it on pc without DVD driver


today will be possible  download Windows 7 from this link: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windows-7/.

I and many other people in the world are trying this new OS also in pc without DVD driver such as new netbook (Eeepc, AspireOne, MSI,… ).

A possible method to install Windows 7 on this pc is use a USB pen Driver.


  1. USB pen driver (min. 4GB)
  2. Windows 7 ISO image (from here)

How do:

  1. Format USB pen driver: Computer –> Right-click on USB pen driver-> Select NTFS –> Start
  2. Mount ISO image by a virtual driver tool (I use this)
  3. Open command line as administrator: Start-> Write cmd –> Right-click on cmd icon –> Select “run as administrator
  4. Write this commands (press enter after any commands):
    • diskpart
    • list volume
    • select volume X (X is number of your USB pen driver)
    • active
    • exit
    • H: (H is letter of your virtual driver)
    • cd boot
    • bootsect /nt60 X: (X is number of your USB pen driver)
  5. Copy all file from ISO image to your USB Pen Driver
  6. Insert USB Pen Driver on your netbook
  7. Restart netbook and go to BIOS setting (F2 for Eeepc, F12 for AspireOne)
  8. Select as first driver your USB pen driver and save&exit

Now you can start installation on your like if you use a normal DVD.

Goodbye and good Windows 7.

For suggestions write a comment.


You Know ;-)

Ooo so Windows 7 can be installed in the cellular phone like eee..... :-)
PS but you wrote some post only when there is something to study?


Does this work on Windows XP?

Because my pc just freezes at boot until I unplug the usb stick...

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This method work also with Windows Xp and Vista. Naturally, you must use use the boot folder of Xp or Vista DVD (or ISO image).
If your pc freezes, try to change USB port and check your BIOS settings.
I tried this method on Eeepc 1000H and HP 42000.
What pc do you have?


It's selfbuilt pc

Motherboard:Epox 8rda+

I gave up on the usb stick installation and burned it on dvd. For some reason it didn't freeze but neither it did load the win7 installation, tried fat32 and ntfs formatted usb-pen. Also bios settings usb-fdd,usb-zip,usb-hdd none worked :\

memory stick was kingston DataTraveler 8gb


I thought it was not possible to install XP from USB. Reason I read was that during boot time, XP switches the USB off and on again... Can anyone confirm that this works with XP?


hmmm seems to be a Lost cause installing windows 7 from a USB Drive because Windows 7 has a bug with Any and all USB Devices where it will Freeze in the middle of or at the end of Installation if any USB device is polugged into your PC (including mice and Keyboards u have to use a ps2 connector). not to mention this method would not work with XP because you cannot use Active Volume, the best way is to download MBRwiz, and use that program (for XP atleast)


You can use the following utility for the same:


price per head service

Great information, you have a wonderful blog and an excellent article!!

Cara Install Ulang Windows 7

wow, now i know how to do it, thanks guys :)

David Allison

Its really helpful for us. Thanks for sharing.

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