Under The Wire

Under The Wire

Friday, February 29, 2008

Do you need an accompaniment for your songs?

It has never been so easy, just sing your song and MySong will do the rest.

If you want to know how it works have a look at this video.

From Is started something

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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Turn that page

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Here you can find some books from the British Library and look at them. Of course you have to turn the page, there are reproduction of books, not only look at their content.

Have fun


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Recycle your old phone NOW!

Want to change phone? Don't know what to do with the old one?

Well, while you buy a new iPod, iPhone or any Mac, simply give it to Apple, which will recycle it for free.
"In addition to products like iPods, people can now also recycle cellphones, produced by any manufacturer. There are two main options for sending devices to Apple: they can either be delivered in person at an Apple Store, or else mailed to a central location.
If a person chooses mail, they can specify any quantity of phones or iPods. They must then decide whether to use either a print-out label on packaging of their own, or else a custom package shipped from Apple, which requires seven to 10 days for delivery. Both options are free to the customer.
The program supplements efforts at recycling computers and monitors, which can be accepted under any brand name so long as a person has also purchased a qualifying Apple system."
Cool? Oh yeah!
Think different, think green.


Composition made only of Mac OS sounds (much better than the Windows version)

If you like me were waiting for a response to this, well... here it is!


Saturday, February 23, 2008

Which operating system needs to be restarted?

Every time I talk with a UNIX zealot about the advantages and the drawbacks of Windows he always says: "Windows needs to be often restarted".
Recently I was reading about MacBook Air anche RemoteDisc and I had to notice that if you install RemoteDisc services on a Mac you need to restart the Mac before using RD... well this is not necessary if you install the same services on you Windows PC!
So, which operating system needs to be restarted?! It seems that it isn't Windows!


Geek music

A song made using only windows sounds!

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Paranoia is a virtue - File shredding

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In this and in the next posts I'm giving you some tips to keep your data away from others view. Let's start by definitely erase files you have on your hard disk.

If you think that when you empty your recycle bin the files you deleted are gone forever you're terribly wrong, maybe you can't get the file you deleted with regular system utilities, but with a simple search you can find a big number of software that does this work.

Wait, don't throw away your pc, the solution isn't to go back to the paper era. If a sheet of paper can be burn a file on a hard disk can be shred.

One of the best utilities to do this is Eraser that allows you to perform a single file wipe, a folder wipe or even the unused disk space wipe. One of the best thing of this software is that you can schedule file deletion in order to always have your disk clean and your secret safe.

Stay tuned, in the next weeks we are going to talk about cryptography, steganography and how to secure your communications.


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Top 5 Windows Utilities

If you're looking for a useless application you're in the wrong place, I listed only the most useful applications that you can find for free on the net.


Do you think that Mac OS exposè is a good way to have a look on your crowded desktop? With this tool you get an easily customizable exposè like application with some extra feature you will be glad to discover.

Notebook Hardware Control

When you run on battery is important to save as much power as possible. One way to do this is to set your CPU working frequency and voltage.


Since you're reading this post I suppose that you've got so much ID and password to keep in mind. Usually this isn't so easy nor so effective (you're like to select always the same password).

You'd better save your passwords on a encrypted file and remember only its password.


Give memory to your clipboard and you won't need again to switch from a window to another only to cut and paste parts of the same documents.


IE7 Pro

Do you think that IE should have a download manager, a tab history, ad-blocker and a more user friendly way to change proxy? Install IE7 pro and you'll find this feature (and many others) coming on your browser!

Did I forget something?

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Heroes Happens Here

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Have fun with this geeky comic series



Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Service Pack 1 for Windows Vista brings 551 fixes

This is the complete list of modified modules:

  • 75 Internet Explorer
  • 41 Sleep/Hibernation & Power Management
  • 38 Storage
  • 35 Hardware and Drivers
  • 35 Networking
  • 28 Desktop and Shell
  • 25 Printing & Scanning Technologies
  • 25 .NET Framework, Data Components, Development Tools
  • 24 Setup, Deployment, Backup, and Activation
  • 24 Windows Media Center
  • 23 International/Localization
  • 20 Computer Management, Administration, and Tools
  • 19 Application Compatibility
  • 19 Multimedia
  • 16 Performance and Reliability
  • 16 Startup/Shutdown
  • 13 Time Zone/Daylight Saving Time
  • 13 Windows Media Player and Related Technologies
  • 12 Security
  • 12 Remote Access, VPN
  • 8 IIS and WebDAV issues
  • 7 Wireless Networking
  • 7 Offline Files
  • 6 Windows Mail and Web-based Software
  • 5 Windows Sidebar and SideShow
  • 5 Windows Portable Devices
Obviously Internet Explorer (the Internet exposed module of Windows) is the one with more patches, however I'm glad to see lots of updates for "Sleep/Hibernation & Power Management", "Storage" and "Networking".


Saturday, February 2, 2008

Is Cedega more DOS/95/98/2000/XP compliant than Vista?

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GNU/Linux guys can't stand that Windows Vista is better than their operating systems, and are searching the most improbable test.

diarrheaBot (OK, I shouldn't read such a shit) come into Slashdot with one of the most ridiculous test ever done.

Maybe he should have thought that testing Windows Vista and Cedega with games developed in the pre-Windows XP era.

I'm not doing to install this software on my machine, I'm going to trust the result I found on the Internet (For GNU/Linux I'm assuming that our friends did the right things).

Soldat: It is a 2002 game with some bugfix, and actually it seems that someone's Windows Vista is not freezing.

Darwinia: maybe there is a reason if a for Windows Vista version was released! On that update there was the porting from OpenGL to DirectX. Did you know that in Windows Vista the OpenGL layer completely depends on graphic drivers you have? So purely OpenGL performances depends on Nvidia, AMD (Ati), Intel and any other GPU maker.

You can criticize Microsoft idea to exclude an OpenGL layer not the OpenGL performances on Windows Vista which are not a Microsoft mistake.

Blackthorne: since you're running it with DOSBox I guess you read that and edited the configuration file.

Civilization 4: You got a compatibility warning. But if you patch the game guess what happens?


You got your Slashdot quote, GNU/Linux fanboys are happy, Windows Vista users managed to get all work and even experience better performance on new games.

sirus's update:

I've noticed that diarrheaBot uses a GeForce FX graphic card. I've a GeForce FX 5600 Ultra (128 MB of VRAM) on one of my desktop PCs and and I can confirm that Nvidia has dropped driver support for this series before Windows Vista was released. The driver Windows Vista uses for these graphic cards is a legacy one. Another fault in diarrheaBot review.


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