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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Is there any room for iPhone or Android?

Just look at the market share: with the big exception of the North America (That is too enterprise engaged) smartphone is nearby a Symbian synonym.

As in the PC operating system market, share means software and software means users making the market share grow.

In such a contest appears clear that the key for having more and more users is to give the possibility to have more and more software. Google is trying to create a community around its android in order to give innovative service to users, but it can not be enough. Apple after the first prohibitionist phase released iPhone SDK, but it is too limited and their phone is still a fashion object.

Why I should abandon my S60 Symbian? I don't think I could find more features, I don't mind of having a cool but useless iPhone and Android is still more a prototype than a product.

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Monday, March 24, 2008

Guess what: Vista SP1 worst than Vista

For those of you still running Windows there is no good news: users from all around the world are reporting that the first "major" Windows Vista update is causing more headaches than it is solving.

Users are reporting crashes, drivers problems, increased slowness (especially in copy operations) and incredibly long update times.
Since it first came out, Windows Vista hasn't received a warm welcome from the PC community: clearly things haven't improved with researchers at University of Penn advising not to update and security experts even suggesting Microsoft to "throw Vista away".
On the other side Apple is exploiting this phenomenon with a new commercial and some are speculating that this could be the right time for Apple to license its new operating system, Mac OS X Leopard; I personally don't think that Apple will take such way but Steve Jobs moves have always been hardly predictable (remember the switch to Intel?) and I guess that... only time will tell.


Friday, March 21, 2008

iTrojan horse

Do you remember that your iPod exposes your pc to security risks installing crappy software? Unfortunately the worst isn't over, at Cupertino decided that Safari (The browser designed with bugs in mind) is an iTunes update.

If you want to save your Windows PC from the iBugs invasion you should take care of this:

  • don't buy an iPod if you don't have a Mac. The PC designed in California not only contains QuickTime, Safari and iTunes but also comes with the Reality distortion field that hides you every problem.
  • say no when Apple Updater asks for the insecurity update.
  • uninstall any product of the iBugs suite you already have on your pc
  • don't use iTunes, try instead one of this software and Apple Updater will fade away.

Now you're safe, so I can tell you more about the reason of this update: Steve Jobs noticed that the Windows version of iTunes is hugely downloaded and tried to use it as a trojan horse to install in a  betraying way its unlucky browser.

The claim of a faster, more secure and, of course, cool browser failed to bring Safari on Windows, I hope that also this subtle try  will fail. Windows users don't live into the Reality distortion field, this is the right chance to demonstrate it, even if Neelie won't help us.

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Save Windows XP?!

These days I was wondering about the meaning of this petition.
What does "Save XP" mean?!
To make it simple, a group of people don't like Windows Vista so they decided they want use Windows XP forever (because the next operating system will be more similar to Vista than XP). XP will be shipped until June 2008 for the retail market and until January 2009 for the OEM market, an impressive record for a software. Save XP wants to continue the shipping for an indefinite time in order to avoid the crappy Vista.
At the moment XP is more like an old hag, it has surely become a rock solid operating system after 6 years (what a long time in IT) of development (2 SP, the SP3 is on the road) but it has lots of limits because of its age and old design and continue the selling after 7 years is completely useless.
Moreover, I clearly remember XP launch in 2001 and I can easily say that it was a bad operating system compared to Vista, although the differences between 2000 and XP were less than the differences between XP and Vista. It seems that people who want to save XP due to the "crappy" Vista have some memory hole... or simply they can't stand change the way they work after 6 years. The fact that Vista hasn't been adopted in enterprise scenarios yet (used to demonstrate that Vista is bad) isn't strange at all, XP has been mass-adopted in enterprise scenarios in 2004/2005 (after the release of SP2), 4 years after the RTM release so speaking about Vista after 1 year isn't properly right.
My opinion?! Vista is a good operating system (the best one from Microsoft), it's modern (introducing some interesting solution like the new model driver), it has good performance (recent benchmark demonstrate that the initial differences between XP and Vista was caused by bad device driver), it can take advantage of your brand new PCs (4-core microprocessors, 6-core ones are coming soon) and finally it permits the use of your x64 microprocessors (XP x64 lacks of device driver and support). When you buy a new PC don't make the wrong choice, try Windows Vista before erasing it only considering your friends words (they have really tried Windows Vista?!).
One last thing, how can you really trust InfoWorld that first says "Vista sucks" and than "Microsoft Windows Server 2008 is technically advanced" considering that Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista "back-end" (the base, the technically advanced part) it's the same?!


Sunday, March 16, 2008

Crash different

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Damn, Windows Vista and its silly effects works perfectly, we have a kernel panic, not a BSOD.


Luckily Steve Jobs didn't cheated me and the MacBook isn't mine and while my friend is rebooting full of trouble I can go on screwing around.


iPod rocks the Space Shuttle

While it might not be big news that Space Shuttle Endeavour is circling the planet at this moment, it is really really cool to know that it has an iPod aboard.

This is not the first time that an iPod is spotted in space and, while you might think that it's easy to bring your favourite MP3 player on the Shuttle, you should know that standard battery has been replaced for safety reasons and that the iPod Touch accelerometer sensor would not work (no gravity!)... now you know how to prepare your iPod for your next travel in space!
Source: TUAW


Friday, March 14, 2008

In-ear earphones

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Tired of hearing noise instead of the song you're listening with your player while you're walking in the streets or while you're in the subway?

The solution is quite easy and doesn't require to change anything but your earphones, buying a new in-ear pair. Doing this you will experience only your favorite songs, no more noise only music, and the quality of the sounds you listen would be even better. Another advantage of in-ear is that you can listen music at a lower volume, a more safe practice for your ears.

Since we can't find any disadvantage what are you waiting for? Just buy an in-ear and experience a new way of listening music outdoor.


Don't forget to mind the traffic light and look at your left and right sides when you cross the street... if you don't take care to this you a big truck would probably run over you:-(


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

"IE Sucks", according to CSSEdit

Look carefully at the icon of the CSSEdit application.

You will find a not-so-much-hidden message ;-)
How much does IE suck for you? Leave a comment!


Monday, March 10, 2008


How do you measure data size?

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From xkcd


Saturday, March 8, 2008

Generate everything, online


Bart writes everything you want, just ask him.

Do you want to read a new fairy tale that contains the element you want? Nothing simpler.

If you need a 2.0 logo try this.

To fill in blank space use this, if the empty space is in your blog generate a post.

Thanks to AirDave,Geeksugar

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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Not built on a 30-year old technology

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This is real innovation, a OS based on new technologies, not another useless UNIX clone.

Here you can download (For non commercial and academic use only) Singularity, and enjoy this new OS.

If you would like to see an operating system designed for the future forget every UNIX (I'm sorry for you, poor Linux, OS X, BSD adept), and have a look at Singularity or CosmOS (both C# based).


Tuesday, March 4, 2008

IE8 will be "Super Standard"!

Following the IE team blog I have learnt that Microsoft have decided to listen to community words and this is not a normal choice for a big software house, thank you Microsoft.

The original Microsoft idea was to use an improved "IE7 Standard Mode" as a default rendering mode for IE8. Reading Microsoft last words seems that IE8 will use "IE8 Standard Mode" which was previously known as "IE8 Super Standard Mode" and leave to the Web developer the choice to use the previous version "Standard Mode".
What about compatibility which was the main point of the initial idea?
Microsoft decided to use "IE7 Standard Mode" in order to guarantee a good rendering for lots of Web pages and leave to the Web dev the choice to use the standard compliant rendering engine in order to improve compatibility with the legacy Web pages.
Now Web developers con chose "IE7 Standard Mode" using a http/header meta tag approach, so compatibility remains but the default choice is "IE8 Standard Mode" in in order to guarantee interoperability instead of compatibility.
Yes, interoperability. Microsoft is using this word so much in this period!
You can read the official announce: Microsoft's Interoperability Principles and IE8.


Saturday, March 1, 2008

Another Safari problem

The unlucky browser (designed with security in mind) has another problem.

It is vulnerable to phishers because Apple is doing nothing to protect their costumers. Their high security development cycle not only ignores (Apple isn't the only) the basic standards of security but also doesn't give to their users tools to effectively protect themselves.

I hope you didn't installed the crappy Windows version of Safari. If you did that first uninstall it, then use IE7 or Opera.

If you are a Mac User you have to switch, it's the only way out. At least to a more secure browser, Opera should be a good idea. Of course using bootcamp to install a copy of Windows Vista is a better choice (And in the next days would also be cheap).

Elsewhere don't cry if someone phish your secrets, I'm telling you what to do to avoid that.

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