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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Megavideo Unlimited: Download videos from Megavideo(Update2009)

[UPDATE: 19 April 2009] Check this new post to read the latest Megavideo tricks.

[UPDATE: 19 September 2009] Check this new post to read the latest Megavideo tricks.

I already told about Megavideo and how bypass time limit, but today I want talk about how download from Megavideo.

Before talk about download video, a small summarize about Megavideo. Megavideo is a web site which contain many films, series, cartoons,… on streaming, but recently Megavideo added a time limit. After 72 minutes of video, all video are stopped and this screen appears on page:Capture

Many time is useful download video because of different reasons: to bypass time limit, to watch video on a mobile device(IPod, IPhone, PDA, …), to watch video on the road, to download film or series by very fast connection (of university or of the place to work) without P2P programs (Adunanza, uTorrent…), that normally don’t work because of proxy, …

To download video from Megavideo there are many way:

  • Firefox offline mode
  • RealPlayer mode
  • Safari mode

Firefox offline mode:

  1. Open video from Megavideo
  2. When video starts, click on pause button
  3. When all video is buffered turn Firefox off-line (File->Work offline)

This methods is very easy, but some time don’t work and it don’t save the file of video. If you want save file you must go to offline cache folder of Firefox (if you use Windows 7 or Vista C:\Users\NAMEUSER\AppData\Local\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles), copy the video file, normally biggest file, paste and rename file “video.flv”.

RealPlayer mode:

New RealPlayer release (11) have a interesting feature: during installation the program add a plug-in to browser that allows to download video that are on a page of a website. This feature is usable on Megavideo, too.

  1. Install RealPlayer
  2. Open video from Megavideo
  3. When video starts, click on pause button
  4. right–click –> Download this video to RealPlayer
  5. save file

This methods is easy and fast but have some problem with slow connections which exceed 72 minutes limit.

Safari mode:

Safari allows to see more information about navigation, in particular is possible to see which file are loaded into a page. Is possible use this features to download file from Megavieo.

  1. Open video from Megavideo
  2. When video starts, click on pause button
  3. Window –> Activity (Crtl+Alt+A)
  4. Find biggest file of Megavideo page and double click on it
  5. Save file like “nome.flv”

This method as previous solution is very easy and fast  but some time have problem with slow connections.

If you know other methods, write it into a comment.



Friday, February 27, 2009

Gmail secret features: how use them.


Recently, Google update Gmail, but many features are hide and many people don’t know them.
Before to active secret features, it’s necessary set as default language English (US):


  1. Settings-> General –> Language-> Gmail display language:  English(US)
  2. Save Changes

Well, now it’s possible enable new Gmail features: a new tab “Lab” is appeared in setting page:


  This tab contains many interesting demo features, but they are stable and not cause problem. There are many features, but I want appear 4 of this:

  1. Offline mode
  2. Navbar drag and drop
  3. Multiple Inboxes
  4. Google Docs gadget

Offline mode is very useful feature which permits to use Gmail and view mail without Internet connection. When this feature is enable, Offline0.2 button appears on top of page: you can active offline mode clicking on it. First time that you use offline mode, a plug-in will be downloaded and installed.

Navbar drag and drop feature is useful to personalize Gmail page, in fact, when this feature is active, allows you to reorder the items in your navbar using drag and drop. When your page satisfies you, disable features.

Multiple Inboxes feature allows to view more list of mail at the same time. It’s possible define rules to automatically choice what view in any box. Normally, I use Gmail to view many mailboxes, but most important of these is visualized in a separated box in top of page.

Google Docs gadget features shows a box with all your Google Docs. This features is most useful for those that use many time Google doc.

There are many other features that normally I don’t use, but any person has different needs. If you want use other features, write a comment to this post.



Monday, February 9, 2009

One month of Windows 7 test

Capture It’s already passed a month from when I installed Windows 7  on my EeePc 1000H, today I want summarize my experience. Before I want remember other posts wrote from me about this argument:

Other interesting posts are wrote by Sirus, tctd and wisher:

Well, now I can start my summarize.

Windows 7 is a good surprise, first of all, because also if now is only a beta it is very stable and, second, the differences with Vista apparently are not many,  but in really performances and user experience are very increase.

The network management is easer and faster of Vista, also user experience is better because the new very useful taskbar. The likeness with Vista help all Vista user to switch without problem. New battery management increases the work-time and the advance users will value new firewall that can define some interesting rules.

Very good new auto-setup driver device: I tried to connect a old HP printer and Windows searched and found all necessary drivers. I tried also to connect my Nokia N95 and after some minutes Windows found drivers and asked to me if I wanted install also Nokia Pc Suite.

The beta that I’m trying is Ultimate version and it have many interesting tools, but probably they there aren’t in other version. Some of these tools are: PowerShell 2.0,  Snipping Tools, Sticky Notes.

I didn’t have security problem, but if you want install a Antivirus, I recommend Kavspersky Antivirus (KAV). Also it is a beta of new version, old version isn’t Windows 7 compatibility, but is very secure and stable(This is link to download). This beta don’t have time limit.

However, Windows 7 is a BETA and as any others beta it has some problem. Many time these problems are caused by drivers or programs wrote for Vista, but not completely compatibility with Windows 7. Some times, old programs that not work in user space, but in kernel space, generate crashes (BSoD) or usability problems.

Also some drivers can generate problems. For example, original Asus VGA driver has problems with slow resolution and HP driver (auto installed when I connected my printer :) ), has problem, some time, with booklet layout. The first time that I used the printer it print until finish paper.

For now, only one part of expectations are respected from Windows 7: a better tools integration (ex. Virtual driver and PdfPrinter) could have be useful.

I’ll continue to try Windows 7 until August and maybe also then time bomb : ).


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