Under The Wire

Under The Wire

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Taskbar versus Dock, are they really the same thing?!

Today I won’t write anything about my experience using Windows 7 Beta 1 on my MacBook cause it goes to well and there are no problems to report.

Today I’m posting a link to a wonderful article I read in which the author talk about Windows’s taskbar, Windows 7’s “superbar” and Mac OS X’s dock. I couldn’t be that much clear to expose the exact same idea and to prove that the brand new Windows 7’s “superbar” isn’t a copy of Mac OS X’s dock.

Paradigms lost: The Windows 7 Taskbar versus the OS X Dock

See you!



Apart from the underlying implementation of windows and documents I would say that Microsoft has finally found out that the old task bar used to get crowded too easily.

To fix that they've decided to adopt Apple's design, which gathers all "similar" windows/documents (read: of the same application) under the same icon.

Sure, task bar and Dock are not exactly the same thing! But Microsoft is finally showing us that Apple's Dock design is a winner.

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