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Under The Wire

Friday, January 9, 2009

A truly innovative laptop!

MSI has just introduced a new laptop computer called X-Slim X320. Its design its tremendously similar to the MacBook Air, look at the picture taken by SlashGear! And the slogan is (I'm not joking) "Innovation with style"! But looking deeply many differences arise:

  • no glass / multitouch / no-button trackpad
  • no aluminum, no unibody
  • MSI is slightly thicker
  • MSI features a higher resolution display
  • MSI features only a Intel X-Slim Merom processor
  • MSI is cheaper
As you can seem these two computers are quite different "inside" even though the design is nearly identical.



Is the MacBook Air unibody?


@ wisher
Yes, it is uni-body. ;)
On the other hand, the Air hasn't the "glass trackpad button".


That is why I can't trust Mac user. They are always writing post distorting reality.


Actually the MacBook Air has been Unibody even before the Unibody was announced by Apple! :-)


As usual Apple presents new things that are not actually new.

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