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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Seems that Linux is not good for education

Before you start reading please, note that this post could be a little ironic.

After this premise, let’s starts with the facts, we have a video contribute, thanks to Geeks are Sexy

The poor girl, like the other girl in the girlfriend test, could not get things working. You should agree with me that this is a very important point, if the user is not able to do something their pc are going to be just expensive piece of waste.

That story obviously got reactions form the Linux world, but basically the conclusion is always the same: geeks are telling you Linux is easy to work with, noobs trust them and try Linux and a few days later they ask for a Windows operating system, the only they are able to deal with.

That’s why this year will not be the year of Linux.



60% of US educational computers are Macs...
That's because they can even be used by beginners (should I say "idiot" this time?).


The girl is having troubles with Ubuntu, not with Mac OSX.

However, what do you mean with educational computer? Computers installed in schools or something else?


He means PCs sold to students.


The percentage of Macs in US schools and universities is also very high.


See, this is the problem with American education. A school student, who is enrolling at MATC, can't figure out how to click a few different things.

And using a CD to get internet access is just plane stupid, setup the interest the way it's meant to be, or-- seeing as it's Ubuntu-- ask Canonical to do it you, or better yet ask Dell.

Linux is the easier operating system to use, and it's WAY better for education. You just have to have common sense.


Linux is the easier operating system to use only if you know how to use it. And this is true for every software.

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