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Friday, January 16, 2009

How to: print to Pdf on Windows 7

Many time, print a document on pdf format is very useful. There are many program that convert document on pdf, but I prefer to use a PDFprinter.

A PDFprinter is a virtual printer that instead prints to paper, prints on a file in pdf format. A PDFprinter is very easy to use because it's like a normal printer: you click on file menu and than click on print, when you must select the printer select the PDFprinter. Another good motivation to use a PDFprinter (in my opinion the best benefit) is that you can use PDFprinter with all original formats and all programs.

In the years, I tried many PDFprinters and I chose CutePDF because is free, easy but with useful options. CutePDF works perfectly also on Windows 7, another good reason to use it. You must install only  those two file  (1, 2) and after few minutes you can save on PDF all files that you want. In the preference of printers (can you see from all programs), is possible set pdf quality and other normal options of a normal printer.


If you have same other PDFprinter with more options or other features write a comment and I’ll test it on Windows 7. 



I want a PDF printer integrated with the operating system, I don't want to use a third party software. :(


I agree with sirus... how come Microsoft still does not add a PDF printer to its system?


Surely this is a feature that is missing in Windows 7. I'd like to know if there are problems with Adobe (in the past they forced Microsoft to deliver Office without pdf support) or a choice.

On the other side, I see that Microsoft is supporting new formats in Notepad, one is Office OpenXML, the other is OpenOffice ODF. Definitely a good thing for interoperability


I don't think Adobe could be a problem anymore. Last year PDF has become an ISO open standard so everyone can implement it.


@Sirus and Michele: A PDF printer integrate in the system will be very good idea, but for now there is only a XPS printer. Microsoft want diffuse this format, but maybe it will support also pdf like in office.


has anyone gotten this installed in win7 64? I am getting an error to disable UAC (which already IS disabled...)


Same error here, UAC is disabled, but CutePDF won't install on Windows 7 x64

Agent X

It is really easy to do. Use the default installed XPS printer and save the file you want and print to an .xps file. Open the file in Adobe Acrobat and by default it opens as a .pdf file which you can then save.


I'm getting Error 1796 ("Please disable Vista's UAC and run this setup again") when installing CutePDF Writer on Windows 7 x64. Any solution?? I disabled UAC, but the error is still there.


Problem with WINDOWS 7 x64 SOLVED:

Below are the directions (thanks to Matt at dslreports.com)
•Download and install the latest version from CutePDF website, ignore the error 1796 at the end
•Allow the Ghostscript files to download and install
•Open the Control Panel - Devices and Printers
•Choose Add Printer
•Click Add a Local Printer
•Choose CPW2: (CutePDF Writer) in the Use an existing port drop-down
•Choose a COLOR Postscript Printer driver - (I chose the MS Publisher Color Printer)
•Print a test page
•Verify CutePDF prompts you to save the file
•Open the PDF and check the output - Make sure it is in color too
•If the output looks weird, choose another Postscript Printer drive


Thanks Matt at dslreports.com and Anon!

Did exactly that and now CutePDF is back in my life. :)


Yes, Most excellent!!!


Thank you!


When Windows Vista RC was to be released, I thought a PDF printer could and should be integrated with the operating system. The same thing happens to Windows 7 this time. I can't deny it's a feature missing! I use Royce PDF Printer on Vista, and it works well on Windows 7 beta.


When Windows Vista RC was to be released, I thought a PDF printer could and should be integrated with the operating system. The same thing happens to Windows 7 this time. I can't deny it's a feature missing! I use Royce PDF Printer on Vista, and it works well on Windows 7 beta.


Microsoft get sued for integrating things that most normal people want into the OS I used


for 64 bit, but i got an extra page that has an error message on it, does anyone else have a better 64bit driver to try


CutePDF 2.7 installed and ran fine for me under Windows 7 RC x64. I did not notice a PDF writer included in the Release Candidate.


I maintain a list of free PDF creators @ 4xpdf.com

We're just in the process of include Windows 7 compatible drivers in the list -- first up, I checked PrimoPDF (which wasn't) and doPDF Free PDF Convert (which was).

doPDF is at - www.dopdf.com (no affiliation)

Loong the Learner

I used CutePDF in Vista before. It worked fine. But in Windows 7 RC (7100), the Save As dialog just won't appear. Any ideas? It's a good software but it doesn't work anymore. :(

Loong the Learner

I just installed doPDF (http://www.dopdf.com/). It's free and it works well.


PDF Printer for Windows 7, it's a new program downloaded from http://www.win7pdf.com , and it works fine on my Windows 7 64-bit and 32-bit (Virtual Machine).

Choda Boy

Just so you know, I got the CutePDF printer to work on my 64 bit version on Windows 7 when my regular "Print to PDF" option was not available after I made the switch from Vista... just in case anyone was wonderin. :)


The latest version of Cute supports win7 64 out of the box. easy peasy install, downloads ghostscript as part of the package.


The link you have is in correct
Get the h out of the url :)

it should be


I've used pdf995 for years from platform to platform. Now that I have brand new Windows 7, I went to http://www.pdf995.com/download.html and it says it also supports Windows 7. Just Download the Pdf995 printer driver and Free Converter. Double click the pdf995s application, which then tells you to install the converter.
Double click the ps2pdf995 to install the converter.
My system then popped up a screen that said it might not have installed correctly and asked me to click on "did not install correctly" or "installed correctly". I tested it out right away, and it works great as always, so I clicked "installed correctly" and am happily using it.
As someone mentioned this installs as a printer, and I prefer to have it selected as my default printer (saves a lot of paper).
It is free if you use the sponsored version which pops up a internet window with an advertisement (frequently just for pdf995). I used it for free for a long time as that's not much trouble.
But for 9.95 you can get an upgrade key if you get tired of the sponsor screen. For 9.95 it's a bargain. I first started using it because it prints web pages well, typically not cutting off the side, but rather making the text fit the page size vs the screen size. Hint: occasionally certain web pages will get cut off on the right, so I just reprint after changing the pdf995 printer orientation to landscape.


P.S. My wife has a Mac, and like others on this blog, I was disappointed that Windows 7 doesn't include printing to PDF like Mac does. But I'm used to using pdf995 so no problem. I've even used it to capture one page from an existing multipage pdf document. The only time this hasn't worked is for some white papers delivered as a protected PDF that required a password to view. The page I tried to print to pdf came out pretty much blank.


Where is XPS printer in Windows 7? I had Vista for two weeks before installing my free Windows 7 upgrade. The Vista implementation had the XPS printer set up out of the box, so I was using it as I never got around to installing pdf995, but it's not automatically present in my Windows 7 clean install. Is it there but I just need to do something to install it? [sorry for the multiple entries; I'll stop now]


MS Word 2010 has a "Save As..." file type option for PDF. Runs out of the box. Windows 7 does not have another integrated one that I have found yet.


Your link to CutePDF is incorrect and takes you to the wrong site.

It is http://www.cutephdf.com/Products/CutePDF/writer.asp

It should be http://www.cutepdf.com/Products/CutePDF/writer.asp without the "h" in cutephdf.


All those pdf printer sites look like scamming sites on the outset.. Hmm, this is a tough choice.


I am not trying to be a troll here, but Windows 7 seriously does not print to PDF?

Mac OS X has had PDF printing for ages and even Ubuntu has print to PDF.


Microsoft tried to provide Windows Vista with a PDF Printer and Adobe complained about so it was forced to remove the PDF Printer. :(
Unfortunately Microsoft is not free to put everything useful inside its operating systems while Apple is.


The truth is that microsoft has a problem with standards... anybody having problems reading that Word file on the same f*©k|n version of microsoft Word but on a different PC?
...and let's not forget their java implementation...


It was true that Microsoft had problems with standards but this is not true anymore.
I don't use Microsoft Word anymore, however, I hadn't ever had the problem you mention; there may be some problems using different release but not with the same release.

Microsoft Java implementation is long dead, no need to speak about that.


aha ha! ... don't get me started on word compatibility (with complex docs of course)...

sirus didn't you say "I don't think Adobe could be a problem anymore. Last year PDF has become an ISO open standard so everyone can implement it."?


aha ha! ... don't get me started on word compatibility (with complex docs of course)...

sirus didn't you say "I don't think Adobe could be a problem anymore. Last year PDF has become an ISO open standard so everyone can implement it."?


The link below helped me. I have CS3 Acrobat, so the steps were a little different. Those without CS3 or Acrobat may have problems.



Thanks! short, concise and to the point. Worked fast and efficiently.


I was away on vacation recently, and while using my wife's netbook found that it didn't have a built-in PDF writer anywhere to my horror. I was trying to print the return airline e-ticket to PDF. I needed to move the file to a USB stick for printing on another cyber cafe computer.
Anyway, we found that the Windows 7 starter on her netbook had a trial version of OneNote on it that directly allowed printing to PDF which we took advantage of, and got the file off the computer. There is validation that MS is taking PDFing into consideration.


Similar to what 3* said about Word 10, all Microsoft Office 2007 programs have Save As PDF facility.


Your link is busted and leads to a fake site.


Worked really well. It was pretty simple to install and integrated properly.




Thanks for the info, have just set this up on my windows system (running windows on a mac). Was horrified to find windows printed to file as an xps - just wasted my time trying to find a mac program to convert to pdf before realising that I could to print to pdf from windows, just had to find the right software. So thanks!

Also, as mentioned above, your first link is wrong.


Just bought a new computer with windows 7 and when I try to print a word document it instructs me to save it as a pdf file & store it somewhere. What do I need to do to just print without this annoying message coming up. The only option is to save as a pdf file


CutePDF now is Windows 7 ready. I simply downloaded it and installed and it worked immediately. Works really well.

The Morpheus Device

It doesn't work at all on my New Lenovo X120e Thinkpad, 64-bit, Windows 7 Professional. Just paid $49.95 for the Cutepdf Pro. version, May 2011, but it won't work. The PRINT PREVIEW works, but the normal little box that says "SAVE FILE AS" does not open. Strange. Sent email to vendor and waiting for the usual convolution "instructions" behind all this damnable computer shit.


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Thats strange, because I have an option "Print to PDF" available in printers... But i don't have anything extra installed. How could that be?

I don't have it on another computer and cannot figure out how to make this thing happen...


CutePDF Writer is now available as a free PDF driver that works in Windows 7.

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