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Monday, January 19, 2009

How to get free Windows Live Messenger emoticons

253423774_2e6f982f3e_m Today a cousin of mine asked me where to download Windows Live Messenger emoticons. Since I don’t like to have a Christmas tree on my desktop every time I start a conversation with someone I try to avoid using a lot of emoticons, so I had to do some research in order to tell him where to find what he were looking for, without having troubles visiting an unsafe site.

If used with moderation (It’s easy after all) an emoticon is really able to add meaning and fun to simple words, so why don’t keep full advantage of that and use the best emoticon on the web?

I think that the best choice is to steal emoticons from your contacts, adding the one you like when you see it appearing in a conversation. It’s easy, quick and leads to a common emoticon meaning.

However if you can’t wait for your friends and you want to have some links full of emoticons I listed below the sites that my cousin liked more.

Live Gallery

Emoticon pack from Microsoft (Hosted by Softpedia)


Add emoticons

Messenger freak


  • All you have to do is to download the image you like (Click on it with the right button of the mouse and choose to save it)
  • select Tools form the menu that appears when you press ALT on your keyboard
  • choose emoticons from the menu
  • click on create
  • find the image you downloaded at the beginning
  • Don’t forget to choose an uncommon world (A good choice should be adding a character like * or \ at the beginning of the world) to associate with the emoticon. That is going to help you having a clean conversation, avoiding the insertion of inappropriate emoticon, just because you typed a world.
  • Choose a name for the emoticon. Here you can add whatever you like

If you like to see your favorite site about Windows Live Messenger emoticons added to the list you just have to write a comment to this post.



I hate emoticons... they often reduce readability.


Actually you weren't the target of this post :-)

However I think that in some cases emoticons car really help getting the mood of a sentence.
It is not so uncommon that the bare words are not expressive enough. An emoticon is a good thing to reduce the ambiguity of a sentence ;-)

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