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Friday, January 2, 2009

Dear Windows XP user, change your mind or stay stunned

win7_for_xp_user_01 This morning I found this Ed Bott post about the reason an XP user is not going to like Windows 7, as he is not liking Windows Vista.

He points out that the XP users are seeing user interface changes only in the sake of change. Of course they are not thinking to change their mind and I don’t think that such thing will be even possible knowing how closed is the mind of the Vista haters.

I’d like to see them try to use the system forgetting how they where working on Windows XP. I am sure it is not too difficult, I know it will produce a gain in the usability of the system. But they consider themselves power user, while actually they are only half-a-step away form a lamer in the ranking of the most useless people in technology. (Sorry, my dear lamer if I used you in this comparison but you are actually the right person for that)

I am not telling you that someone used to something at the beginning won’t be disappointed by a change of perspective, but why such people are using a PC when they once learned how to use a pencil and a piece of paper? Please go back using this old way of working, trust me, is better for everyone and nobody will hurt (And also the internet will be a better place).

However in his brilliant post Ed Bott has a clue also for who is still missing the old-fashioned, crappy and unfriendly way of working. They can degrade customize their system and get whatever they want, even if it doesn’t makes any sense.

The sad thing is that the only operating system a XP user can stand to use is Windows XP. No chance to change, they are used to it and trying to tell them to do thing in a different way (No matter if easier or more powerful) is something like killing them. Since XP users are proving such a closed mind I can’t tell them to get a Mac nor to become a Linux user. So bad news are not only for Microsoft, but also for the other software house and even for the open source community.


Have a nice 2009


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