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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Java 6 finally comes to Mac

It's been a very long wait but today Apple has finally released to the public Java SE 6 for Mac OS X.
Before you open your best bottle of wine you should know that:

- it is not enabled by default
- it works only with Leopard (10.5.2)
- it works only on Intel-based Macs (64-bit ones)

Let us know what you think!


Saturday, April 26, 2008

Live Mesh Invitation

I just found a site that allows you to get Live Mesh Invitations.

I tried it and worked.

If you want an invitation just sign in at http://www.sharemesh.com/

Thanks to Is started something

Here my first impression.


Friday, April 25, 2008

Download mp3 with Google, faster than with eMule!

I found this video that describes how to get mp3 from web directory containing them. I'd never thought that such as web directory existed, but that is.

If you want to find a song search it on JimmyMir page.

To know how does it work look at this video.

Remember that piracy is illegal, don't use this trick to download music you haven't bought.


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Steve Ballmer talks at "The Next Web Now", speaks about Macs and Google

Steve Ballmer today has opened "The Next Web Now" in Milan, Italy. In his keynote he has talked about Microsoft strategies and aims for the future ("everywhere, anytime") and has showed his vision of what the web might become in a few years.

Citing some of the most revolutionizing products of our history he has also talked about Macs, defining them "a big wave of change".

After his keynote he has answered some questions and has shown his opinion about Google: "talking about search engines, they're better than us; but Messenger is still the best-loved IM client".

The impression that Ballmer has given to the press has been positive: he has been balanced and this time he has not tried to break any MacBook Air.

Ballmer's keynote

Ballmer gets interviewed

Steve Ballmer

Our passes... thanks wisher!


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What is social networking?

Thanks to Catepol and Vincos for the link.


Monday, April 21, 2008

Leopard vs Vista: the OS war is back

It is strange to say but, once in his life, Steve Ballmer is right.

Recentely he said that "Vista is still a work-in-progress OS"; today Popular Mechanics has posted a comparison between Mac OS X Leopard and Windows Vista.
The result is that Apple's operating system has blown away the unsuccessful and much criticized competitor: on Macs every tasks is performed faster, programs run quicker and even Windows Vista becomes more responsive than on a PC with the same technical specifications.
Last but not least, Popular Mechanics shows that Macs are even cheaper than most PCs!
Here is their verdict:
The Verdict

: In both the laptop and desktop showdowns, Apple’s computers were the winners. [.....] In our speed trials, however, Leopard OS trounced Vista in all-important tasks such as boot-up, shutdown and program-launch times. We [...] found that both Apple computers ran Vista faster than our PCs did.

PC: Simply put, Vista proved to be a more sluggish operating system than Leopard. [.....] the Gateway One actually costs $300 more than an iMac. That means for the price of the Gateway you could buy an iMac, boost its hard drive to match the Gateway’s, purchase a copy of Vista to boot—and still save $100.


Sunday, April 20, 2008

Is Microsoft making the crystal ball?

I'm talking about Surface Sphere, check the links for more information and enjoy the rumors.

Mary Jo Foley

Ars Technica

I'd like to see the user interface used on the sphere, it is too different than classic input devices to be something similar.


Are Macs becoming popular among businessmen?

Believe it or not, Mac OS X is selling very well in the business world; considering the small marketshare Macs have, Apple is doing a fantastic job compared to Windows Vista.

The 2007 market share results for Mac OS X showed that in businesses, Mac OS X usage tripled to 4.2%, just over 2% lower than Vista, at 6.3%. Windows XP declined during the same period. Are Macs really becoming an alternative to Windows?


Saturday, April 19, 2008

N-Gage Fifa2008 free

Just for the faster reader of Under the wire. See here how you can get you free license.

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Friday, April 18, 2008

SMS for free

With Jaxtr you can send for free SMS with a length of 65 characters. This service is available in 38 country so it's pretty probable that you can use it.

When your contact receives the message can reply to you directly to your phone if you've registered it to Jaxtr. If you didn't your friend will be able to answer by a link provided in the message.

The service seems to work fine, I just tested it with few message that arrived immediately.

The only thing that I'm looking for is a sidebar gadget: it would make Jaxtr perfect.

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The Windows Vista song

The song that will convice you to update to Vista.


Thursday, April 10, 2008

Microsoft "Wii" is coming

Do you know that funny Nintendo Console that lets you play waving a controller? Oh yeah, it's really cool! And it is also selling very well.

Microsoft has been preparing a response to such success: what did they come up with?
MTV News tells that they're going to revolutionize the game market with.... a Wii clone.
Impressive, isn't it?
An anonymous source says that it might be called "Wi" or "Wiii".
Time will tell.


Sunday, April 6, 2008

News from Windows Seven

In January I wrote a post with the latest information on Windows Seven. I think that three months later is time to look again at the state of the new OS in development at Redmond.

Looking at the feedback form of Windows Seven came out the five pillars on witch the OS is based:

  • Specialized for laptops caring about data security, connectivity, power management and touch/tablet interface.
  • Designed for services giving to online services a very important role. The new philosophy are SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) and Software as a Service.
  • Personalized computing for everyone. We should be able to customize our desktop in a more effective way, access our file form everywhere and easily manage home networks.
  • Optimized for Entertainment: you will enjoy your videos and music with the best quality ever seen.
  • Engineered for Ease of Ownership, you will have an easier switch to Windows 7 with improved security and compatibility. Everything in a more friendly way!

Knowing the pillar we now only have to speculate on the release date. While you're waiting check what we missed. And don't forget to tell us what do you think about this pillars.

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Thursday, April 3, 2008

iPhone now 99€ in Germany

Am I dreaming? iPhone is now sold at 99€ (154 USD circa) in Germany.

Is T-Mobile trying to push sales? Or does it know something about iPhone 3G?
I personally think that a new iPhone release is on the way: even if iPhone is still a revolutionary device (no one has reached such a great usability), Apple must keep the technology gap among itself and its competitors.
German users, enjoy!


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Happy Birthday, Apple!

32 years ago Apple was born.

Some might say "on Fools' Day?!" but Apple has always loved playing with dates and number.
Just to give you a clue, the first Apple computer (Apple I) was priced 666.66$.
Happy birthday, ;-)
(I want to read what wisher is going to comment)


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