Under The Wire

Under The Wire

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

EeePC T91 and T101H. Netbook with touch: a must have

It looks like a Mac clone but has much more to offer. For example a touch-screen or a little display that makes it easier to keep always with you. It is surely more comfortable to keep than a 17’’ monolith with half a day battery life.

Unfortunately so far I can only show you a video found on youtube… I’d really like to do myself a video showing you me playing with that toy, but actually I am not an owner of the new eeePc.

Going a little more technical I found some good points and some things that are going to turn my thumbs down, but I think are fixable :-)

The good:

  • It is touch-screen.
  • It is little, so I can take it always with me. Both the T91 and the T101H will fit comfortably on everyone bag.

The bad:

  • It ships with Windows XP, but I am sure that we will see soon a Windows 7 version. I think they can’t ship with a beta operating system.
  • It will released later this year. I want it NOW.
  • There are no details on the price. I hope it will be affordable.

My rating (so far): BUY. These tablets seem really good products and if I would be able to get them now I would surely have made my order yet.

More info here.



"The Bad:

It ships with WinXP."

Don't they have a GNU/Linux version that comes with a bigger SSD? I'd much rather do that. None of the software I use runs on Windows.


Is Linux supporting tablets in a decent way now?
Last time I checked the situation was not good for the open source operating system when it had to deal with touchscreens.


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