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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Megavideo UNLIMITED: how bypass 72 minutes time limit

[UPDATE: 19 April 2009] Check this new post to read the latest Megavideo tricks.

[UPDATE: 19 September 2009] Check this new post to read the latest Megavideo tricks.

Today I talk about a fantastic video streaming site: Megavideo.

Megavideo, for all people that unknown it, is a site similar to YouTube, but here is possible find series (Dr. House, Desperate Housewives, Heroes, Dexter, …), movies, cartoon…

Megavideo, however, have a problem: recently it introduce a time limit. You can watch videos for 72 minutes, but then you must attend 52 minutes before watch other videos.

Fortunately, there are two methods to bypass this limit.

  1. Change your IP (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ip), if you use Firefox (it’s very similar also with other browser):
  • File –> Tools –> Clear private data (or Ctrl+Shift+Canc)
  • Select this box:


  • Switch off your modem or router (this is a brutal method, but it is rapid)
  • Wait one minute
  • Switch on your modem

This method is very rapid, but some time is not possible because you can’t switch off your modem (you download big file from other programs :) ) or because you have a static IP given by your provider ( Fasteweb ). Fortunately, there is another method.

2. Work offline:

  • Open your video and click on pause.
  • Wait that ALL video is loaded
  • File –> Work offline
  • Watch your video
  • File –> Work offline
  • Select another video

Now you can see all videos without time limit.

This is a video-help:

Good vision.



Update: se also how download videos from Megavideo



It's not necessary to clear private data.... Just switch the router on and off and it will work.


As far as I know the router trick doesn't work for fastweb users.


ermm... i just did the switch off/on the modem and my video limit was gone lol..

basically turn off your modem( or pull out the power plug) then put it back in.. and it works fine. so each time 72 minutes thing appears.. all you need is to restart your modem.. gl



another way i found as byusing a third party site mega-divx.com they seemt o get the original file and stream it in avi format, via dix webplayer, has worked for most of my files, aprt from a couple of anime which i believe were uploaded in mp4 format rather than avi to megavideo


working in offline mode in mozilla didn't work.. it still stopped after 72 minutes..!?

$unil Jain

thanks for the info
i have found one more way hope all will like it


Does the switchin off n on modem trick work with qwest.


easiest way:
go to Xmegaupload.com
paste the megavideo link
download the original video

this site also supports Megaupload.com / Rapidshare.com / Hotfile.com / Netload.in links.




Does not work for all megavideos BUT...

Using this site, you connect for like 1 sec, saving your 72 mins time. Then u watch the video in a player on MegaVideoPop.com. Then when the 72mins download time runs out, you click a link to watch the same link on MegaVideo. Skip to the part u were watching.

Like 70% of the videos work super cool.


yo 4spark: F+CK YOUR www.megavideopop.com !!

f"ckin' advertising bullsh"it!


I found this on bypassing the megavideo time limit which worked:


Enjoy MegaVideo free! :)


It actuallu very easy just go in to your router do to this you will need to go to start run and cmd
when black open write ipconfig /all you should see your
default getway with ia your router
in router configuration just recycle your isp provider ip voila
if static then this thoses not aplly ro you.


the switching off ur modem trick worked for me.YAY for me lolz


all u guys using firefox simply need to download an add-on called ILLIMITUX.


Illimitux add is no longer working. Any suggestions?

This comment has been removed by the author.

Illimitux works fine. just try it as described.


Check this - working, and easy to do.



just use a ipchange program like tor, run that in the backround and i dont have to think about anything


Hey i just found a much easyer method. All you have to do is enter the Megavideo at Lyke.co.cc. For a tutorial visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cV25kxpOgyM


Hi i have found at program that bypasses the megavideo timelimit.

Until I found it I had tried most of the tips offered on this and many other forums.

The program is quite simple but it works allthough it is important that you haven't played any videos on megavideo since it will hit the timelimit anyway. dont know why but it does.

Well here is the link.


Hope you like the ironi in the link from megaupload :)


yep none of these tricks work. dickwad they have fixed them all


Nothing works......assholes


hey guys. i've read what u all posted and it sounds cool. i dont use firefox cause of the weak pop up blocker. my brower is opera. is there any way to use that but in the brower opera?. if u can please let me know. just hate the limit on the cool videos on megavideo lol. thanks again guys

master shake

your all faggots.


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I found that vidscan.tk provides a better method to bypassing the megavideo timelimit.

all you have to do is simply go to: http://vidscan.tk/howtostream.php
add the "MegaVideo Stream/Download" bookmark
go to the megavideo clip u want to see, and then click the bookmark you just made :D

So far it's worked 100% of the time for me :D


just click on the video let it all load, then dissconnect from the internet thern connect back and watch the whole video for free :D


just click on the video let it all load, then dissconnect from the internet thern connect back and watch the whole video for free :D


Lucky me lol!

I have access to 3 connections, when one's up, i swith to the next one lol.

I have static ip addresses and the reset ur modem does not work for me.

You can watch free movies at LinkFlix.com


to bypass the Megavideo time limit use
http://videourls.com the only one that works at this moment!

(also you can watch videos hosted on Megaupload directly in streaming without any kind of limitation)


There Is another way. For All Users using FireFox. Follow these steps.

1. Search and install an addon for firefox called "Foxy Proxy"
URL: http://foxyproxy.mozdev.org/help.html

2. Open Foxy Proxy by double clicking the program at the bottom right hand corner of Firefox.

3. Click "Add new proxy"
4. Go to general Tab and type whatever you want to call the proxy
5. Click "Proxy Details" tab next then in firefox, open new tab and go to this website>
URL: http://www.proxy-list.org/en/
6. Under Search for proxy, you should have 4 options. Now just make it look like this:

Port: any
Country: any
SSL: any
Type: Elite

Then press Filter Proxy. Half way down webpage type the code to ensure your human. Once complete, it should give you a list of proxies.

6. Pick a IP address that has %100 uptime.
6. Copy the IP address into "Host or IP address" In foxy proxy.
and the port number. To identify port number and IP address

^IP ADDRESS ^:^Port Number"

7. Click OK, then OK agen.
8. Exit Foxy Proxy then this time, Right Click foxy proxy and click on the proxy in which you have just saved.

9. Test the IP by searching "What is my IP" in google, both IP u entered and the one it shows should match.
10. Now reload your video.

You should now have bypassed the restriction and watch video for another 72min if not more.

Each time it does it, just make a new proxy with new IP and follow same instructions and should work.

Note: Megavideo logs your IP to see how long you watched a video. once it passes its limit, it blocks it from viewing it for about 1hr. By changing your Proxy and IP address, it tricks Megavideo into thinking its a new IP from a different destination and resumes watching video until the time is up. Just pick 4 IP addresses and watch your videos unlimited by just changing your IP to any of those 4 and repeat, by then your 1hr limit should be up and you can resume the same IP agen.


you can find here username and password to get primium account but plz dnt change the password or it will be blocked



yeah, just close the window, then go file ---> work offline, then go file----> uncheck work offline go back to your movie and enjoy the rest of your film.


I think the best way at the moment to bypass megavideo limits is with cacaoweb.
I've tried all other methods and they are not very reliable (to say the least).
cacaoweb always work and removes all ads as well, so it's really the best bypasser at the moment
the link for this megavideo limit bypasser is http://www.cacaoweb.org/
there is also a firefox addon

sonee Moenrey

lyke.co.cc worked great for me thanx :D
soo easy to remove megaivdeo time limits.
no need to change your ip

Jere Botto
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jere Botto

The time limit is all local, and the offline mode thing doesn't actually work. You can use a cheat engine and hack the player in memory. Try "Cheat Engine", select Firefox as the program and be as specific as possible to select the video. Turn on the speed hack. Multiply the speed by 60. Wait one minute. You're golden.

Cycling your modem or router will only work if you haven't paid for a static IP, or if you don't have a free static IP. You probably don't have a free one. If you've paid for one, you probably already understand why it won't work.... "Static" IP.


I wanted to introduce to u our new product ie free megavideo 72 limit bypass this is site by which u can watch unlimited minutes of megavideo videos without any limitation and can also download the video from its orignal source the site is



What almost 99% of people do not understand is you are not assigned a new IP (from the range given) if you have a dynamic IP: basically anything that is a cable modem.


Use just use http://ezywatch.com to bypass megavideo time limit.


Try new Google chrome extension "MegaSkipper", it will do the job



here is alink: http://megavideounlimited.free2movie.com


So far, the only site that can ACTUALLY bypass megavideo's time limit is megavideoflicks.com (previously; linkflix.com).

No software to download or browser settings to tweak.


Use http://www.72minutes.net
It's really working!!


Use www.beyond72minutes.com

The best and easy way to bypass the megavideo time limit.


it actually worked! great post


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... Switching off modem... does not work.
... Going offline to watch... does not work.
... Going on a thousand different links posted here... don't want a virus.


i agree. thatas why im not taking the chance either..i'll just wait. if u simply reload ur megavideo page sometimes u can take of like 40 minutes of waiting tme and sometimes u take away 1 minute...its ure luck though i reckon


Try that site megavideo without any limitation


www.megaskipper.com worked for me


There is an alternate way.

Follow the steps on this youtube-link to do so.



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the 2nd method is not totally correct cause it will buffer till 72 minutes only..........it wont buffer further till 30 mins wait....


sumtimes but only sumtims u can just refresh the page it usually wotks 50/50 so its half it sumtims wrks 4 me

Jim DeSantis

Cacaoweb.com works as of 7/2/2011. You need the Firefox plugin AND download the software and run it. Once run, it works!

I watched Sanctuary episodes through Sidereel using Megavideo as source url.

The only downside (if at all) is you need to close the Cacaoweb player after each episode ends for the next episode to play without the time limit kicking in.

What I did, using the FF plugin which automatically opens the video in Cacaoweb:

1. Open Sidereel.com
2. Searched Links, clicked the Megavideo link in list of sources.
3. Video started in Cacaoweb player at the same time as Megavideo player.
4. Closed Megavideo player and watched on the Cacaoweb player.

I assume that closing Cacaoweb player ends the IP connection and opening a new instance opens a new IP connection so the timer is always starting from zero.

I haven't tried this with a full length movie, however. Your results may differ with movies.

Let us know if you use this method and whether it works on movies.

Jim DeSantis

I feel like a total idiot!

Cacaoweb contains aTrojan! Do NOT use it!

I have no clue as to how much of my data has been harvested since saying it works. It does bypass the time limit but at what cost to security?

Again...sorry for being so stupid.


... from jeffspirit ... Megavideo I think now times out per IP address. Still though go into files in your computer, the temp places, all of them. Be careful but delete all temp files associated with browser, computer, caches using URL associated address. This still works for me, I can go back and watch the rest of the same movie using the Megavideo ID code, I bring it up alone online, not using a player or host per address/domain. Sometimes I’ll have to restart my computer after that, the ROM/RAM unload will wipeout the rest. It’s still working for me, has been for some time, I know sometime to future this will be figured out but I don’t know how they’ll get around it since it’s temp files anyway. It’s just folks not knowing their computers, how to delete out the cookies, lock-out cookie packets, etc.


Bypass Megavideo Limit


Use hotspotsheild. It changes your IP with a simple click on a button. I use it to watch videos on website i normally dont have access (USA restricted videos). Ive been using it for years.

True Speaker

tcid, Thank you.
It works for me.

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