Under The Wire

Under The Wire

Saturday, January 10, 2009

First Windows 7 impressions

Windows 7 beta and the serials are out! Here you can find the first impressions (and the first crash!) of the new operating system.



Ho letto chi ha scritto il post prima di vedere il post e ho capito dove volevi andare a parare ;-) dove sono gli altri? hanno problemi a installarlo? :-P

PS scusatemi per l'italiano ma sono di fretta, e ho pensato meglio un post in italiano che zero post no?


Dear Oscar, almost all the people of the staff of Under The Wire have yet installed Windows 7.
Matteo on his mobile phone (the eee), Sirus and Tcid on a virtual machine on their Mac.
I don't have spare hardware to test it so I am sorry to announce you that we have to sacrifice Monday lessons in order to test Windows 7.

If you are surprised because I still don't have installed Windows 7 remember that I am a Vista fan.

Have a good Saturday night, I'm going out!


Oscar? i don't know Oscar.... ;-) However I want to try windows 7 but I have just finished my free space in the ZebraBook, so next week i want help Mario in the test (expecially Matteo's phone)!
PS Mario i know that you are a Vista Lover!

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