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Under The Wire

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

When the OS war turn into a religious war

The release of Windows 7 should have woke up something in the Linux talibans who are starting turning the nerdish operating system war in a religious war.

In their opinion Linux and free software are the only way. That isn’t necessarily bad, while they are playing with their pc. The bad things is that they are fudding, and that are also considering ethical spreading incorrect facts, just to hit Microsoft (but I don’t think they are hurting so much since their market share is just a little more than the 1%) .

What is really sad is seeing a part (I hope that this is a little part) of a community live and work not to become better but to fight the enemy. Please try to read this post by Stephen Chapman and work on the points he highlighted.

When the work is done you can bash whatever you want, I promise I won’t come back annoying you. However you might agree that complaining with Miguel de Icaza just because he is actually doing the work for you is not a much clever behavior.

Where are Apple guys in this fight? Without them is just half the fun. The iReligion is more fun than the Linux religion, and also the iUser are more used to the battles. At least they have a reality distortion field.


Michael dundee

It has been like this from the beginning. Back before there was a linux, windows or a mac there were flame wars about what platform was the best. Just ignore the fanboys and don't let them worry you.

The Beez'

I'd like to stress some statements in this blog you so kindly link to:

"I challenge everyone to read my recent blogs and find any misrepresented facts. I like to think of myself as an integer person, who gives a great deal of thought before he makes a decision or writes a line. I always check at least two independent sources before I use any information and when I can, I provide the links. I don't manipulate results and I certainly don't lie."

The only tricks I use is some overstressing or understressing, exaggeration, and some other neat tricks that are handy for columnists. I don't have to BUY reports, BRIBE editors to do that. The facts speak mostly for themselves, as FOSS zealots have proven all this time. All I added was a little spicing. Plus I feel attack is better than defense, which is a solid military principle.

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