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Under The Wire

Friday, February 27, 2009

Gmail secret features: how use them.


Recently, Google update Gmail, but many features are hide and many people don’t know them.
Before to active secret features, it’s necessary set as default language English (US):


  1. Settings-> General –> Language-> Gmail display language:  English(US)
  2. Save Changes

Well, now it’s possible enable new Gmail features: a new tab “Lab” is appeared in setting page:


  This tab contains many interesting demo features, but they are stable and not cause problem. There are many features, but I want appear 4 of this:

  1. Offline mode
  2. Navbar drag and drop
  3. Multiple Inboxes
  4. Google Docs gadget

Offline mode is very useful feature which permits to use Gmail and view mail without Internet connection. When this feature is enable, Offline0.2 button appears on top of page: you can active offline mode clicking on it. First time that you use offline mode, a plug-in will be downloaded and installed.

Navbar drag and drop feature is useful to personalize Gmail page, in fact, when this feature is active, allows you to reorder the items in your navbar using drag and drop. When your page satisfies you, disable features.

Multiple Inboxes feature allows to view more list of mail at the same time. It’s possible define rules to automatically choice what view in any box. Normally, I use Gmail to view many mailboxes, but most important of these is visualized in a separated box in top of page.

Google Docs gadget features shows a box with all your Google Docs. This features is most useful for those that use many time Google doc.

There are many other features that normally I don’t use, but any person has different needs. If you want use other features, write a comment to this post.



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