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Monday, March 24, 2008

Guess what: Vista SP1 worst than Vista

For those of you still running Windows there is no good news: users from all around the world are reporting that the first "major" Windows Vista update is causing more headaches than it is solving.

Users are reporting crashes, drivers problems, increased slowness (especially in copy operations) and incredibly long update times.
Since it first came out, Windows Vista hasn't received a warm welcome from the PC community: clearly things haven't improved with researchers at University of Penn advising not to update and security experts even suggesting Microsoft to "throw Vista away".
On the other side Apple is exploiting this phenomenon with a new commercial and some are speculating that this could be the right time for Apple to license its new operating system, Mac OS X Leopard; I personally don't think that Apple will take such way but Steve Jobs moves have always been hardly predictable (remember the switch to Intel?) and I guess that... only time will tell.



Crash problems... I think it's normal that a complex software could crash and don't try to say that Mac OS X doesn't crash.
Driver problems... Usually people don't read KB, the most of the incompatible drivers are already listed! Then, we are talking about drivers, who wrote drivers?! Not Microsoft. Devices producers have had lot of time to rewrite their software, SP1 has been sent back for this purpose!
The third and the fourth link you ave posted aren't useful, they report problems with the Beta version of the service pack.

I've installed the SP1 a few hours later since the service pack has been released, the installation lasted the right time (reported in Microsoft KB) and the system works very well, just like before installing the service pack... Vista was already wonderful!


As much as I love to put Microsoft down I'm sorry to tell you that you're completely wrong. Vista SP1 is a huge improvement over the original release and anyone who says otherwise is high.


Look at the pool's result: nobody answered that wish to go back in time after the SP1 install!

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