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Under The Wire

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Not built on a 30-year old technology

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This is real innovation, a OS based on new technologies, not another useless UNIX clone.

Here you can download (For non commercial and academic use only) Singularity, and enjoy this new OS.

If you would like to see an operating system designed for the future forget every UNIX (I'm sorry for you, poor Linux, OS X, BSD adept), and have a look at Singularity or CosmOS (both C# based).


eu4 console commands

The way he says please is almost cute enough to overpower my immense jealousy on how this 3yr old has a pc that is better than mine by tenfolds!!!

kibble (quetzal egg) id

There is a real life adventure brewing out their. A man has discovered a dictionary that allows you to read ancient Viking runes as ideograms. Stories from over six centuries ago are now readable. This dictionary does for prehistoric runic what the Rosetta stone did for Egyptian hieroglyphics. 'The log of the Kensington rune stone', you tube. Anyone can participate with a copy of his report. No hoards have been found yet.
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