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Under The Wire

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Crash different

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911 emergency, a pc is not working!



Damn, Windows Vista and its silly effects works perfectly, we have a kernel panic, not a BSOD.


Luckily Steve Jobs didn't cheated me and the MacBook isn't mine and while my friend is rebooting full of trouble I can go on screwing around.



... I'm the friend who has the MacBook. :( I was working with Xcode and suddenly Leopard crash and a kernel panic has been shown up.
From the report the guilty is the graphic card driver.


I was forgetting something... this is the first time I saw a kernel panic with Leopard, in the past I had seen 2 other kernel panic with Tiger (one was my fault, I was downvolting the microprocessor) but I hadn't seen a single BSOD on Windows in a lots of years...
After 1 year and 4 months of Mac OS X I can say that talking of stability Mac OS X is not better than Windows Vista or Windows XP.


Wow, a driver problem...
Sounds difficult to have it with only 3 graphic cards supported. Apple is always 10 years in advance:-(


Well wisher, you know that most of the device driver aren't written by the operating system manufacturer, the number of devices used in Macs is not important.
You can only criticize the model driver and I think Vista's model that load graphic drivers in user space is more secure than the classic kernel space approach.


Sekondo me capita xke è nero quel mekbook...
:-D Kissa ki sono nè....


Qualcuno dice che il problema principale è che l'ha pagato poco poi, come dice Racso, anche l'essere nero non aiuta di certo:-)


Why speaking in Italian?!
...poor my dear MacBook!

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