Under The Wire

Under The Wire

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Another Safari problem

The unlucky browser (designed with security in mind) has another problem.

It is vulnerable to phishers because Apple is doing nothing to protect their costumers. Their high security development cycle not only ignores (Apple isn't the only) the basic standards of security but also doesn't give to their users tools to effectively protect themselves.

I hope you didn't installed the crappy Windows version of Safari. If you did that first uninstall it, then use IE7 or Opera.

If you are a Mac User you have to switch, it's the only way out. At least to a more secure browser, Opera should be a good idea. Of course using bootcamp to install a copy of Windows Vista is a better choice (And in the next days would also be cheap).

Elsewhere don't cry if someone phish your secrets, I'm telling you what to do to avoid that.

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Unfortunately Opera on Mac OS X is not well integrated in the OS so it can't offer e good user experience.
Firefox with some security extensions is a wonderful idea considering that version 3 seems to be partially integrated in the OS.


For the best user experience I suggested Windows Vista

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