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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Mac OS X is coming on every PC?!

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What do you think if I say "Apple would decide to release Mac OS X not only for its Mac but available on every PC"? You sure think I'm crazy. If you think so or that I'm just joking I'll show you that I have some evidence. Follow me.

Mac Intel

What a better excuse to develop a version of Mac OS X for Intel's processors than use Intel's x86 and x86-64 architectures on Macs? Note that Apple is developing Mac OS X for x86 architecture for long time (Steve Jobs said that in the first keynote in which he spoke about Mac Intel) before releasing it with its Intel-based Mac. Moreover, as "hackintosh" proofs the only things that constrains Mac OS X to run only on Macs is its EULA.

Some weeks ago Apple announce Mac OS X Server virtualization support that means Mac OS X can run on virtualized hardware (Parallels is now working on a server version of its hypervisor virtualization solution). Unfortunately virtualization is allowed only on Macs and the only limit is the EULA again (a German hacker claim the possibility to run an unmodified Mac OS X with Qemu on its GNU/Linux-box).

Closing the OS using software lock is not a valid idea (iPhone is a good sample), if Apple wants, it can even earn something releasing Mac OS X for every PC.


This is another proof. Why Apple should use a WGA-like tool to check its products?

If they would go on selling hardware and software there is no need for that. Anti-piracy tool comes in hand only if you sell hardware and software separately.

Apple survival

Is someone wondering about Apple survival?! I think it's not a problem at all.

I'm an Apple user and I bought a Mac more than 1 year ago. I bought a Mac not for Mac OS X, I bought it because it's a wonderful piece of hardware. In addition Apple is well known for the iPod (wonderful product that allow Apple to earn lots of money) and soon iPhone will become an important product too (with the release of the SDK iPhone will definitely become competitive).

Spreading Mac OS X will only increase Apple software sales due to their qualities (ok, ok... not all Apple software, I'm talking about Apple professional software). Final Cut Studio, Logic Studio, Aperture etc... are wonderful products and they are already well known!

Then... I think tons of people would try Mac OS X (especially software developers for its cross-platform softwares) and as a consequence they will probably buy a Mac!


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