Under The Wire

Under The Wire

Saturday, January 12, 2008

iPod expose your PC to security risks

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It is quite easy. When you buy an iPod you accept to use iTunes to load your multimedia files on it.

But what happens when your device compels you to install iTunes and the required (and deadly bugged) QuickTime?

You can find here some consequences (For space issue I'm reporting only 2008 problems):

I hope you made your friends say WOW with your iPod Touch bought for Christmas. This was the reason you choose it, isn't it?!

sirus toughts: yes, QuickTime it's an extremely bugged software (note that I'm an Apple user) and these aren't the first zero-day we can see. The simplest solution is to uninstall QT after iTunes installation and replacing it with QuickTime Alternative a very good freeware solution.


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