Under The Wire

Under The Wire

Friday, March 14, 2008

In-ear earphones

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Tired of hearing noise instead of the song you're listening with your player while you're walking in the streets or while you're in the subway?

The solution is quite easy and doesn't require to change anything but your earphones, buying a new in-ear pair. Doing this you will experience only your favorite songs, no more noise only music, and the quality of the sounds you listen would be even better. Another advantage of in-ear is that you can listen music at a lower volume, a more safe practice for your ears.

Since we can't find any disadvantage what are you waiting for? Just buy an in-ear and experience a new way of listening music outdoor.


Don't forget to mind the traffic light and look at your left and right sides when you cross the street... if you don't take care to this you a big truck would probably run over you:-(


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