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Under The Wire

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Save Windows XP?!

These days I was wondering about the meaning of this petition.
What does "Save XP" mean?!
To make it simple, a group of people don't like Windows Vista so they decided they want use Windows XP forever (because the next operating system will be more similar to Vista than XP). XP will be shipped until June 2008 for the retail market and until January 2009 for the OEM market, an impressive record for a software. Save XP wants to continue the shipping for an indefinite time in order to avoid the crappy Vista.
At the moment XP is more like an old hag, it has surely become a rock solid operating system after 6 years (what a long time in IT) of development (2 SP, the SP3 is on the road) but it has lots of limits because of its age and old design and continue the selling after 7 years is completely useless.
Moreover, I clearly remember XP launch in 2001 and I can easily say that it was a bad operating system compared to Vista, although the differences between 2000 and XP were less than the differences between XP and Vista. It seems that people who want to save XP due to the "crappy" Vista have some memory hole... or simply they can't stand change the way they work after 6 years. The fact that Vista hasn't been adopted in enterprise scenarios yet (used to demonstrate that Vista is bad) isn't strange at all, XP has been mass-adopted in enterprise scenarios in 2004/2005 (after the release of SP2), 4 years after the RTM release so speaking about Vista after 1 year isn't properly right.
My opinion?! Vista is a good operating system (the best one from Microsoft), it's modern (introducing some interesting solution like the new model driver), it has good performance (recent benchmark demonstrate that the initial differences between XP and Vista was caused by bad device driver), it can take advantage of your brand new PCs (4-core microprocessors, 6-core ones are coming soon) and finally it permits the use of your x64 microprocessors (XP x64 lacks of device driver and support). When you buy a new PC don't make the wrong choice, try Windows Vista before erasing it only considering your friends words (they have really tried Windows Vista?!).
One last thing, how can you really trust InfoWorld that first says "Vista sucks" and than "Microsoft Windows Server 2008 is technically advanced" considering that Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista "back-end" (the base, the technically advanced part) it's the same?!


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