Under The Wire

Under The Wire

Friday, March 21, 2008

iTrojan horse

Do you remember that your iPod exposes your pc to security risks installing crappy software? Unfortunately the worst isn't over, at Cupertino decided that Safari (The browser designed with bugs in mind) is an iTunes update.

If you want to save your Windows PC from the iBugs invasion you should take care of this:

  • don't buy an iPod if you don't have a Mac. The PC designed in California not only contains QuickTime, Safari and iTunes but also comes with the Reality distortion field that hides you every problem.
  • say no when Apple Updater asks for the insecurity update.
  • uninstall any product of the iBugs suite you already have on your pc
  • don't use iTunes, try instead one of this software and Apple Updater will fade away.

Now you're safe, so I can tell you more about the reason of this update: Steve Jobs noticed that the Windows version of iTunes is hugely downloaded and tried to use it as a trojan horse to install in a  betraying way its unlucky browser.

The claim of a faster, more secure and, of course, cool browser failed to bring Safari on Windows, I hope that also this subtle try  will fail. Windows users don't live into the Reality distortion field, this is the right chance to demonstrate it, even if Neelie won't help us.

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