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Under The Wire

Monday, September 1, 2008

Today big thing: Google Chrome

google_chrome1 Hi everybody, this week started with a big thing form Mountain View. After the iPhone and its troubles, the flop of Cuil, the Olympic Games and the release of Photosynth and IE8 beta 2 it is Google turn to come out with something new: a web browser.

Maybe some of you are thinking that a web browser isn’t really something new, and you are perfectly right unless the new browser adds some new capability. Google promises a browser for web-application, something that sounds to me like the Google OS that Google can’t develop. Does it seems a good idea? I don’t think so, why should I have (and maintain) both a regular OS and this web-app OS? Why should I give to Google more data than the personal information has yet?

Going on reading articles that invaded my RSS reader (OMG, you’re all talking about Chrome) I’m not so impressed, I have still in mind the two days Cuil fever… we all know how it finished

Looking at Chrome features I’m not finding the big thing that such noise made me expect for:

  • Stability: one tab, one process, as in IE8.
  • Speed: it uses webkit, so at least I can be as fast with Konqueror or Safari (But is better if you don’t use something designed with security in mind). Maybe the new JavaScript Engine is good, but also other browser are enhancing their interpreters.
  • Search: Am I the only one that associates that with privacy danger?
  • User experience: I think to have yet seen what they’re promising.
  • Security: wow a blacklist system pushed by Google, I hope that Chinese government is not thinking to use it.

Will it last as a revolution or is Chrome going to be a failure?

[UPDATE 9-2-2008] To download Chrome just open the Google homepage and follow the link. Soon my review.


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