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Under The Wire

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Playing with Photosynth

204356743_489a8bd99b_m Last week Microsoft Labs released Photosynth, a cool application that enables you to make synth from your photos.

I gave it a try using photo I made while I was having a bike trip just to have fun climbing a mountain and taking some shoots to the other side of the valley in order to test the application. You can see the result of my synth here. I hope you will appreciate that I take photos from several points and that I tried to embrace the whole valley with my shots.

The result it is quite good, all the pictures were matched in the right way and the final effect is cool. The only thing I would change is the way pictures are showed: I can’t stand the fact that the picture I’m looking at is highlighted making evident that the synth is a collage of photos. I think that building the synth as a 3d scene without referring to the photo the it is made of would be a way better.

So far Photosynth is still a geek game, but I think that changing little things it would be the next big thing in photography ;-)


I am still waiting for someone I know to post on youtube a video made with his helmet camera. I know I promised to send him some photo I’m making. Actually I am  still waiting for photography gods to send me the inspiration for a good shot, so I don’t have any photo to show you :-(


Filippo Sironi

It seems I need my PC to take a look to your art work... this is the response Microsoft gave me: http://img.skitch.com/20080827-qarear2yxmi1yhfmba36we735q.png

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