Under The Wire

Under The Wire

Saturday, August 30, 2008

e-Mule is free software, you don’t have to pay for it!

2369321329_649f0027fd_m Hi, I’m writing this post since yesterday a friend of mine asked  why he had to call a phone number in order to have something like an eMule activation code. Of course since eMule is free software you don’t have to pay for it, nor it requires an activation. You are seeing the request of such code because you downloaded a modified version of the software form an unofficial ad fraudulent site.

The only thing you have to do after having downloaded a fake setup is  trash the installer and download the right one from the official site. Next time double check what you are clicking on the Google page and do everything but clicking on sponsored links.

The last thing I want to share with you, my dear newbie, is the super-secret Google function to retrieve music. I hope you are going to find it useful.

To get a copy of a modified version of eMule just follow the simple steps I’m describing below:

  • Point your browser to the root of all evil
  • Query Google for eMule, download eMule, or something similar (making the query ad more nooby as possible is a homework left to the reader)
  • Follow the first sponsored link.
  • Congratulation you are just going to download a modified eMule installer.


I first read of the special eMule version by this post of Napolux. After reading the post I was waiting for a friend coming with the question: I had to wait for four days, not bad :-(


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