Under The Wire

Under The Wire

Monday, August 25, 2008

It just worked

527857450_7267fbb37e_mIn the past there was a company that had the it just works mantra. Now they are getting bigger and should at least change the tense of their motto as I did in the title of this post.

Our readers (and also at least on of my co-authors) should remember when I unveiled what someone wanted to keep secret. Now it seems that other bloggers decided to tell the world their problems.

But this is not the worst thing for the company that has to pay actors to have someone lining out of their shops to make some photos just to tell the world that there is actually somebody interested in what they’re doing.

Once reality come out also the reality-distortion-filed seems to need some fix: on the Internet the heresy is spreading.

What do you think? Are blogger suddenly become victims of collective madness? Or do you feel like somebody who wake up after a nightmare where you were forced to think different?


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