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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Chrome is not killing any browser

Although there is someone claiming to have switched yet I think that Chrome is not going to kill other browsers, simply because even if you can find tons of hype-generated articles you are not looking at a mass switching. Considering that blogsphere is writing about Chrome but just downloaded it to have a sample ride must made you think: so far we have still IE6 with a 25% share. Common (non-geek) users may find interesting the download link on Google’s homepage, actually my brother noticed it the first time he Googled something, but they are not going to download it.

google-chrome-logo-letters Cutting off non-geeks that are not switching to Google I’m going to tell you why geeks aren’t switching although they have copy of Chrome in their systems and tired it for a while:

  • No extension yet, try to search for “Google Chrome AdBlock”, seems that in the last days this is the only question on the web. Seriously do you think that Google would be happy to give out a browser with the capability to hide ads and to kill their revenue?
  • Geeks are paranoid, Google wants our data. How can the two attitudes live together? It seems that chrome is part of the Google’s plan to conquer the world.
  • I know you didn’t clicked on the link on the want in the previous point, but I also know you should have done unless you have carefully read the terms of use.
  • Chrome is cool but there is nothing that requires Chrome to work properly. Why change browser to fix something that is not broken?
  • It based on something that was designed with security in mind, and this is the result.
  • Ok it is fast, but my navigation style is “check feed reader”, “open interesting articles in a tab”, “read what I opened before”. I don’t think I could appreciate speed differences since tab loading happens in bacground.
  • Process isolation is a good idea, but looking at Vista reliability index Opera crashed four time since June. I’m not saying that it is a useless feature, but so far I can live without it.
  • Chrome isn’t integrated with other Google services.
  • It is Windows only. Doesn’t look strange that the perfect operating system for who wants to be an early adopter is Windows?

If you are looking for interesting articles about Chrome look at the links of this sentence ;-)


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