Under The Wire

Under The Wire

Thursday, August 28, 2008

More evidences of Apple troubles

576776475_ad8a0560b6_m Earlier this week I wrote a post saying that Apple products just worked. I don’t know what happened to my RSS but seems that the heresy is spreading faster and faster: maybe I just subscribed the right blogs, but you can’t hide the evidence of the problems.

In the last days I found other interesting articles and blog post that I’m going to share with you.

You can read an article by the New York Times titled Apple Imperfect: maybe Mr. David Pogue is on vacation, or maybe he is preparing a new fun video of what Windows 7  copied form Mac OS X. The fact is that he is too busy to check what his mates are publishing.

I’m sorry for Steve Jobs: yesterday he had to think to some little things a bit more important than Pouge’s silence: iPhone Ad has been banned (I’m still waiting the ban of the get a mac campaign, but this is another story), the mobile device is experiencing security hole and last but not least App store showed the world what does censorship means. I think it is a good score, isn’t it?

At the beginning of this post I mentioned about bloggers complaining: here we have one unlucky user. I guess that in the next days I’m going to find other sad posts.

Please Steve, turn on again the reality distortion field, I’m missing it.


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