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Friday, September 26, 2008

Tired of Windows podcast catcher? I’m developing myRadio!

I think I gave a chance to every existing Windows podcast catcher without finding something that really worked as I desired. Here is my experience with the main programs and why does them suck:

iTunes for Windows is probably the best example of bloatware. It eats resources just to play some music. Since I don’t have any iThing I have no need to have it installed.

Juice was messing up with user rights making it unusable. Also the broken links at their official page made me feeling like if I was in front of the corpse of the project.

Doppler had some exception coming out at every start, and also other bugs. Not answering my question surely didn’t make me wait for a new release, neither to give help finding and fixing the problem.

After these (really bad) experience I decided to open NetBeans and write (in Java, so my software is also cross platform) one podcatcher form scratch. After all I’m a developer!

Maybe I may have to wait to have some spare time to design the coolest user interface in the world, but so far I’m needing a programs that works without hassles. I can think about making it eye-candy tomorrow, now I want to grab some podcast to make myRadio (Sounds like a good name, isn’t it?).

If you want to learn more, have a look at the code or just compile (Did I mentioned the program is open-source?) and run the pre-alpha version I’m developing go to the myRadio sourceforge page. So far it is working even if lacks some functions I’m going to add as soon as possible, and I think it is the most important thing right now.

Don’t forget to ask for features and signal bugs. I promise that as soon as I have some spare time to dedicate to the project I’m going to answer.

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Version 0.1 is out!

Ricardo Pautassi

Hi, I share your feelings about podcachers, so good luck with the project! I downloaded yor program. It does work, my suggestion is that the next step could be a native play option and the possibility of selecting in which directory to put the files (running on vista, all files appeared on dektop). Anyway, keep up the good wotk!


@Ricardo, thanks for your feedbacks.
Unfortunately I am really busy and I am not able to going on with the development of myRadio in the way I wish. Actually I have no time at all to work on the project.
I hope in future to have more spare time to dedicate to myRadio.

However I have a clue for your issue with the download folder. The latest version I just uploaded and that contains the work by Ho-Ling Poon.

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