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Under The Wire

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

IE8 will be "Super Standard"!

Following the IE team blog I have learnt that Microsoft have decided to listen to community words and this is not a normal choice for a big software house, thank you Microsoft.

The original Microsoft idea was to use an improved "IE7 Standard Mode" as a default rendering mode for IE8. Reading Microsoft last words seems that IE8 will use "IE8 Standard Mode" which was previously known as "IE8 Super Standard Mode" and leave to the Web developer the choice to use the previous version "Standard Mode".
What about compatibility which was the main point of the initial idea?
Microsoft decided to use "IE7 Standard Mode" in order to guarantee a good rendering for lots of Web pages and leave to the Web dev the choice to use the standard compliant rendering engine in order to improve compatibility with the legacy Web pages.
Now Web developers con chose "IE7 Standard Mode" using a http/header meta tag approach, so compatibility remains but the default choice is "IE8 Standard Mode" in in order to guarantee interoperability instead of compatibility.
Yes, interoperability. Microsoft is using this word so much in this period!
You can read the official announce: Microsoft's Interoperability Principles and IE8.



IE8 will be superstandard...
Windows 7 will be fabolous...

Clearly M$ software is great... just wait a few years!


Poor tcid, you are an Apple adept for sure... I started beta testing IE8 B1 today and it seems that it is the only one browser to completely pass the Acid2 Test considering that smily face dimension!

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