Under The Wire

Under The Wire

Friday, May 23, 2008

IE7 Pro 2.3 is out, browser war goes on

logo Waiting for a stable version of IE8, I'm installing the latest version of IE7Pro, the definitive IE7 Plug-in.

Of course with Firefox Extension you can get a better customization, but I think that for a IE user this is a must have. It adds features and just works without any issue.

Personally I appreciate most the possibility to change the proxy settings with two click, have a real download manager plus a whole set of useful customizations.

On the other side you should try Firefox 3 or Opera 9.27. I discourage to install a browser designed with security in mind.

What is your favorite browser?



Moreover, if you are a Windows XP user (or other older OS user), or you are using a different browser instead of Internet Explorer 7 on Windows Vista I think you have to look at this http://theinvisiblethings.blogspot.com/2007/02/running-vista-every-day.html article! Your security will increase a lot!


On Vista you can use Integrity Levels to get a sort of Protected Mode with other browsers.
On older systems you should first install a sandbox-software and then sandbox the browser.


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