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Under The Wire

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

27% of Vista PCs compromised by malware

A new research published by PC Tools shows that efforts made by Microsoft to improve Windows security might have been in vain.

While the new OS is disliked by many users, it certainly has had -so far- a good reputation concerning security.
But things might change soon: PC Tools has shown that one out of three Vista machine has been infected by at least a malware.
58,000 PCs running Vista were compromised by at least one piece of malware over the six months to May 2008, equivalent to 27 percent of all Vista machines probed.
It's important to notice that Windows XP is doing much worse and that there are very few reasons to stick with the old OS.
Although Vista has resisted many attacks over the months it looks like malware writers are mastering the OS and are becoming a serious threat for Vista.
Microsoft still has not responded to PC Tools' allegations; in the meantime, have you installed any anti-malware software on your Vista PC?



I'd like to know what kind of malware attacked Vista and what was the effect of the attack.
Also know how Vista was infected could be useful.
Do you know where I can find the data I'm looking for?


I completely agree with wisher, we need more information in order to evaluate the situation.
Moreover this sound very strange if we consider that the most security holes that affected Vista's previous OSs aren't usable to compromise Vista (for example, the last 0-day found in IE7)!


I have forgot something... These numbers are really strange, if 58000 PCs are compromised, and this number is equal to 27% of Vista's PCs, this means that there are only 20000 PCs running Vista in the whole world.
LOL, I guess PC Tools is missing something!


PC tools is counting only the PCs it could run the test on: luckily they don't have access to every PC in the world.


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