Under The Wire

Under The Wire

Friday, May 2, 2008

Twine, keep an invitation and dive into semantic web

Yihong Ding invited me to Twine, the first mainstream semantic web application.

Twine produces a personalized knowledge network for every user by allowing them to find, share, and organize information from people they trust. Thinking Space

In this semantic approach the focus is in what you know, not in who you know. That allows you to create a personalized knowledge network without have to know who can give you the information you need. Topic, in the form of Twines, are the key of this application that helps us creating a hierarchy of interests to help you find exactly what you want searching by meanings and not by keywords.

Another point that distinguish Twine form common 2.0 networks is that not necessarily what you insert in your network should be published. You can use that application to store  and organize your knowledge in networks without having to tell the world you've done it.

For more information read this post.

I've few invitations available, if you would get one write down an email address on the comments.


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