Under The Wire

Under The Wire

Friday, May 30, 2008

Brand new Google icon, trouble coming?

Photo by manfrys Today while I was doing a Google search I noticed that something strange was going on, but at first I didn't realized what looked unusual.

Some search after, looking at my tabs I discovered what my eyes noticed what was changed: instead of the capital G the favicon of Google is now a little blue g.

Probably at Mountain View they are tired to be called the big G and decided to change their nickname in the most subliminal and easiest way they can go on: just changing they brand.

Do you like this new icon? I hope that the big G is coming back, the little g doesn't represent Google in my mind and makes too confusing to look at my tabs.


Martin Skopp

at least "g" reminds me that "g" is the abbreviation for google seach in (my) firefox :)

E.g. putting "g blogger google icon" in the address bar starts the google search...


@Martin, thanks for the comment. The small g can remember the search keyword, but my eyes are still used to the capital G :-)

Praveen Ratna Deepak

I love the old red GMail icon better than the new one. Also, the color doesn't appeal to me much.


I've disable all the favicons so I noticed no change. However I think that it's not an important change, it's only a small icon after all.


Does anyone know how to restore the original favicon?


@Praveen Ratna Deepak:
My gmail icon isn't changed.
How can I tell to stop using Lynx. Web is not for command line! ;-)
I hope that google will restore the old icon, if I find an hack I'll let you know.


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