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Under The Wire

Thursday, May 1, 2008

RSS day, spread the world

RSS Awareness Day

RSS is a way to get updates by sites you follow without having to go to the page to check for news.

It is clear that RSS is a powerful tool to receive updates from web sites and blogs you're interested in. With RSS you can visit a page only to read the fresh content, not just to check if there is any new article, avoiding to waste time looking for news.

On the other side RSS have a big issue. They're too addicting, in a busy day you could get so much news that you can't read, even if you try to do it. In fact when you start using RSS you will subscribe to any site you follow, making your subscription list bigger and bigger, vanishing the time earned using RSS for the few sites you followed in the pre-RSS era.

So add UnderTheWire to your RSS, just to let us know that you're aware ;-) It's easy, click on the orange button in your browser.



I agree with you, RSS are definitely a kind of drug!

PS: not all browser have an orange button to subscribe to RSS. :P


In Safari click on the BLUE button on the address bar...


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