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Monday, May 5, 2008

Post-it marries technology: divorce soon?

What happens when the good old post-it meets technology? Well, that's what MIT researchers must have wondered.

They have introduced a post-it featuring a RFID chip which sends what has been written to a program (running on a normal PC) that automatically creates a database of post-its and eventually communicates to Outlook meeting and events to keep track of.
Is this really needed?
Is this the right approach to "getting things done"?
I don't think that the post-it needs to be revived: it works because it's simple, fast and comes in nice colors.
Connecting it to the computer makes it less easier to use and creates a burden on the user: what if the PC is turned off? How are post-it kept synchronized between the computer and the fridge?
It's clear that the first time the post-it is not copied to the computer because it is turned off the user will stop using such device and will return the the old post-it.
Moreover I believe that smartphones have the potential to become the "digital post-it": think about the "Notes" application of the iPhone, isn't it enough?



Thanks for your comment, I use PDAs to do all these things. This technology may find use in some places but it lacks mass appeal for now.


I think paper will be "discontinued" as much as possible in the future in favour of digital screens: a mix of paper and technology seems unnatural to me.

Moreover, as you say, PDAs and smartphones have a better mass appeal than post it with a chord.

Thanks for the comment, bye!


Why should I use a thing that combines the disadvantages of both paper and digital devices without being really powerful?


I've lots of digital notes on my PC they are scattered on my Dashboard and in Mail.
I don't think that a PDA is the final solution, I don't always bring my mobile with me, especially if I am in my house so I sill needs paper notes.
This time I'm near my old PC and it's full of paper notes... and they are all classic, yellow post-it!


In my -near- future I see notes on my Mac automatically synched with an iPhone...

For the time being I use the calendar of my Nokia... but I don't think it is a good solution (no syncing... uncomfortable interface...).


Thanks Wisher for the Coldplay link. Great one. Cheers.


nice post



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