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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Photo of the Week #03

By courambel. Fantastic.


Friday, June 13, 2008

The wow is still now!

Thanks to Windows-Now


Thursday, June 12, 2008

Apple is still using Internet Explorer 5

Windows Vista

Today I was surfing through Apple's web site to get some information about the new products shown at the WWDC 2008. Reading about MobileMe (a wonderful piece of software) I noticed they have started using Windows Vista. In fact, till the WWDC 2008, Apple web site used to show Windows XP's screens instead of Windows Vista's screens. In my mind I said "That's a great piece of news! After one year and a half they have finally discovered Vista (WOW!)".


Although Apple engineers have started using Windows Vista instead of Windows XP it's unclear the cause they are still using an "old hag" like Firefox 2 to surf the web instead of Internet Explorer 7 which is more secure (under Windows Vista thanks to the Protected Mode) or Safari 3 for Windows which is certainly faster and in addition to this it's also one of theirs products (they say "The World's best browser").

If these are the facts I've finally understood why Internet Explorer is always the worse browser or even not considered in Apple's comparatives. Although Apple engineers have discovered Windows Vista, it's clear Apple hasn't discovered Internet Explorer 7 yet. They are probably still using Internet Explorer 5 (the last version for Mac OS X) or even a previous version if it's possible. That's the truth!

See you...

News of the day: Opera 9.5 has just been released, few days before Firefox 3. Opera's guys have won the race!


Apple reinvents Windows Me

mobileme_separated[1]Looking at the picture seems that at Cupertino the photocopier has been started again :-)

My friends are saying that mobile me is a great thing, with such a brother I can’t tell them they’re wrong!

Thanks to Paul Thurrott


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Snow Leopard details

One of the most incredible rumor for Apple's WWDC 2008 was a new version of Mac OS X called "Snow Leopard".

Such rumor has been confirmed by Steve Jobs on stage and by a press release yesterday.
Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard will not bring any new end-user feature but it will focus on performance and lay the foundations for the next releases.
...What does it mean in practice? We' have gathered all the information appeared on various websites:
  • New Quicktime ("Quicktime X"): this is one of the oldest pieces of Mac OS X; even if you have never opened Quicktime a part of Quicktime is loaded, for example, in Safari whenever you watch movies. Quicktime has been the source for various security holes and hopefully Apple is going to rewrite it from scratch. Quicktime X is going to deliver better performance and support to the latest codecs.
  • Hard drive space used by Mac OS X: dramatically reduced; this is a very good news: every major OS update has stolen hundreds MBs of my hard drive space.
  • Out-of-the-box Microsoft Exchange support: just like the iPhone now also your Mac will be able to talk to Exchange servers.
  • Extended 64-bit support: Leopard support for 64-bit processors will be extended to more layers of the OS. Maximum RAM allowed will be 16 TB (16384 GB)
  • Multicore support made much easier for developers: thanks to a new technology called "Grand Central" developers will be able to easily build applications that take advantage of all the power of the multicore technology; tasks will be allocated to different cores (and different processor) automatically, optimizing the processing power.
  • Safari 4: one of the applications that Mac users use the most and, at the same time, one of the most hated. Safari 4 will bring better JavaScript support with an amazingly fast engine (called SquirrelFish)
  • You probably know that Mac OS X already optimizes your Mac's resources dividing the load between the processor (CPU) and the GPU (used for all the graphical rendering); with Snow Leopard developers will be able to exploit GPU (that are rapidly becoming as fast as processors) power for general-purpose computing. OpenCL (Open Computing Language) makes it possible for developers to efficiently tap the vast gigaflops of computing power currently locked up in the graphics processing unit (GPU).
  • PowerPC support dropped. I think that Apple is going to make Mac OS X much faster; dropping PowerPC support would make it easier (less work). Moreover the Snow Leopard beta handed to developers at WWDC is Intel-only.
Snow Leopard is scheduled to ship in a year from now: hopefully we will get a deeper insight in January 2009 (at MacWorld) and have it installed on our Macs in summer 2009.


Monday, June 9, 2008

Finally: iPhone 3G official photos

After weeks, months of rumors Apple has finally released the new iPhone with 3G capabilities.
First pictures are offered by UTVV.
Most of the countries where the iPhone will be available:
Most of South America... Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Czech, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Malta, Croatia, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Greece, Turkey, Jordan, Egypt, Niger, Mali, Senegal, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Kenya, Botswana, South Africa and others.
Complete list:


First pictures of WWDC 2008 [updated every 10 minutes]


New iPhone to be sold at 99€ in Spain

The keynote is coming and many European carriers are announcing their partnership with Apple to bring the iPhone to their country.

While many are waiting for tomorrow's keynote, some, such as Telefònica (Spain), have already made their announcement: what makes it relevant is the new price policy adopted by Apple.
It seems in fact that carriers will be able to sell the iPhone at a special price if the customer sign a two-year contract: in Spain it seems that the new iPhone will be sold at 99 € (156 USD circa).


Saturday, June 7, 2008

iChat coming to the iPhone?

As already written in our rumor roundup iPhone may come in colors.

This picture seems to be a great evidence of it.
Video conferencing seems to be on its way, too.
iChat for the iPhone would be a big surprise! ...It would push 3G a lot.
Keep yourself updated on the latest rumors following UTVV on Twitter and on Plurk!


New theme for UTVV

Enjoy the new theme!


GMail labs adds (pretty useless) function to GMail

I just looked at the new GMail-labs settings, hoping to find the next-big-thing for my web based mail account.

I admit it, I was a bit curious about the feature developed in the 20% free time that Google left to its employees, and I was expecting to find something great.

Seems that this time the 20% free time had been a little wasted since none of the experimental feature did worth a try. Here is the list of the feature users should test (with my opinions):

  • Quick Links if it’s bookmarkable and does worth a bookmark it’s yet on my favorites.
  • Superstars please stop them or GMail will become a Christmas tree.
  • Pictures in chat and Muzzle is there anyone using web-chat? Crazy!
  • Fixed width font why should I loose the right layout of the mail?
  • Custom keyboard shortcuts and Mouse gestures maybe it’s not so useless, but I don’t think a AJAX application is the right place for shortcut.
  • Signature tweaks wow, we can sign a message before the quoted text :-(
  • Random signature maybe it’s cool, but do we need it?
  • Custom date formats it must be a system setting not an application setting!
  • Old Snakey ladies and gentlemen Google-OS is here, and you can also play games on it!
  • Email Addict hitting the X that closes the tab is too easy?
  • Hide Unread Counts why?

If you choose to become a useless-function tester remember that big-G could remove what you’re testing without saying nothing to you. The function will just disappear.


If you’re looking for a real big thing, have a look at the new version of Windows Live Writer


Friday, June 6, 2008

OS X Leopard coming to every PC?

We already posted about this subject a few months ago, but now that WWDC banners have dropped "Mac OS X Leopard" in favour of "OS X Leopard", rumors of Cupertino's OS coming to every PC is becoming a little bit more consistent.


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

WWDC 2008 rumors roundup [UPDATED x2]

So, what should you expect from Apple's World Wide Developers Conference 2008?

No one ever really knows everything that will be shown on stage but we can be pretty sure about some of the products that will be introduced.
  • [sure] Firmware version 2.0 available to all iPhone (and iPod touch) customers
  • [sure] AppStore will deliver free and commercial applications; iPhone will eventually become a open platform
  • [probable] Games for the iPhone demoed on stage
  • [sure] iPhone finally gains 3G capabilities
  • [uncertain] iPhone might also get GPS capabilities
  • [probable] iPhone changes form factor: thinner?
  • [uncertain] iPhone retains the same form factor but a new model is introduced: iPhone nano? iPhone Air?
  • [uncertain] lower prices: $200 low-end iPhone?
  • [uncertain] iPhone in colors: white, black and red?
  • [uncertain] iPhone abandons aluminium and glass in favour of plastic
  • [probable] improved battery life
  • [probable] video recording capabilities
  • [probable] conferencing capabilities
  • [uncertain] new commercial
  • [sure] iPhone finally coming to Australia, Italy, Japan, Spain, etc...
  • [uncertain] new MacBook Pros
  • [uncertain] new MacBooks in aluminium
  • [uncertain] new touch device?
.Mac, Mobile Me, Me
  • [sure] new name: "Mobile Me" or "Me"
  • [sure] completely renewed service, more iPhone integration
Mac OS X
  • [uncertain] 10.6 developers preview
  • [uncertain] Pure Cocoa
  • [probable] Intel-only
  • [probable] ships spring 2009
Stay tuned for the latest news!


Follow WWDC 2008 with UTVV!

If you are looking forward to finding out what Steve Jobs will deliver at Apple's World Wide Developers Conference 2008 you shoul stay tuned on UTVV!

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