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Under The Wire

Saturday, June 7, 2008

iChat coming to the iPhone?

As already written in our rumor roundup iPhone may come in colors.

This picture seems to be a great evidence of it.
Video conferencing seems to be on its way, too.
iChat for the iPhone would be a big surprise! ...It would push 3G a lot.
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Enrico Giordani

That picture it's clearly a fake and a joke since there is the "(Red)" name used for the special Vista edition for Dell ;-)


We've seen everything these days and I believe that the one in the picture can't be the real iPhone (otherwise Apple lawyers would be out already)...

Anyway I think that video might play a big role in the new iPhone: recording should finally come to the iPhone and maybe videoconferencing is on the way as well.


BTW the iPhone could be a "(Red)" product.
There has been the "iPod nano (Red)" so it might be the iPhone's turn.

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