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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Apple is still using Internet Explorer 5

Windows Vista

Today I was surfing through Apple's web site to get some information about the new products shown at the WWDC 2008. Reading about MobileMe (a wonderful piece of software) I noticed they have started using Windows Vista. In fact, till the WWDC 2008, Apple web site used to show Windows XP's screens instead of Windows Vista's screens. In my mind I said "That's a great piece of news! After one year and a half they have finally discovered Vista (WOW!)".


Although Apple engineers have started using Windows Vista instead of Windows XP it's unclear the cause they are still using an "old hag" like Firefox 2 to surf the web instead of Internet Explorer 7 which is more secure (under Windows Vista thanks to the Protected Mode) or Safari 3 for Windows which is certainly faster and in addition to this it's also one of theirs products (they say "The World's best browser").

If these are the facts I've finally understood why Internet Explorer is always the worse browser or even not considered in Apple's comparatives. Although Apple engineers have discovered Windows Vista, it's clear Apple hasn't discovered Internet Explorer 7 yet. They are probably still using Internet Explorer 5 (the last version for Mac OS X) or even a previous version if it's possible. That's the truth!

See you...

News of the day: Opera 9.5 has just been released, few days before Firefox 3. Opera's guys have won the race!


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