Under The Wire

Under The Wire

Friday, June 6, 2008

OS X Leopard coming to every PC?

We already posted about this subject a few months ago, but now that WWDC banners have dropped "Mac OS X Leopard" in favour of "OS X Leopard", rumors of Cupertino's OS coming to every PC is becoming a little bit more consistent.



Happy to see that you agree with my post ;-)
Have a nice WWDC!


That post was mine after all!
On the other hand it will be a wonderful piece of news if Apple decide to release Mac OS X (pardon, OS X) for PCs!


@sirus LOL, I gave you the evidences and you wrote the article ;-)


I'm not so sure that OS X for PCs would be a great idea... Hopefully if Steve Jobs decides to do so probably he has spent lots of nights and days thinking... I trust him :-)

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