Under The Wire

Under The Wire

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Please Google, give me back the old Gmail theme!!!

Few minutes ago I logged into my Gmail account and I found a theme change.

I was not liking the switch form the capital G to the small g in the Google logo, and I am still not liking it.

I think that the new theme is ugly and even the “classic theme” is not as good as the new one. Thanks god they provided the Older version option to stay with  the Gmail we are used to.

Please Google, don’t change logos and themes with new uglier ones!



Quit whining. Does your email still work? yes. Do you PAY Google for this service that you probably RELY on? no. Is it reliable anyway? Has been for me since the day they started it (yes, I got an invite on day one.)

If you pay for a service, then you can bitch when they change stuff. If you can't handle experimentation and change in a service you pay ZERO DOLLARS AND CENTS TOTAL EVER for, then you are the wrong person for Gmail. Use an email client, then they can't change the interface on you unless you choose to upgrade.


At the moment my Gmail theme is the same as before and I can't change it cause I don't have the Theme tab in Gmail Settings. However I think you can easily go back if the theme has changed.


First of all, please next time try to be a little more brave and use a name, a nickname and link your blog. It's not just netiquette, it gives you more credibility.

I'm not paying cash to Google to have Gmail, but they are showing me ads (Are you blocking that?) and can handle my mails (Fortunately not all the mails nor the important one, I'm not reling on this service for what really matters). I'm sorry if you feel that your data is worthing nothing.

Thank you for your 2 cents.


Anyway wisher, it's possible to setup the old theme in Settings\Themes.
You're lucky, I don't have the possibility to change the theme at the moment. ;)

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