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Friday, November 28, 2008

Apple admits that OSX needs antivirus

Really bad news for the Apple maniacs that their beloved company is recommending to use antivirus. Yes you read right. At Cupertino are suggesting you to install an antivirus software on your Mac.

Even if in the commercial the subtle Mac was laughing at the poor PC that was ill.

Even if Mac OSX is a UNIX. I am a UNIX hater, I never hid that, and I’d like to know what the people that are theorizing the UNIX safety by design are going to say. I think it would be something fun.

Even if nobody cares to write a virus for a niche of the market. I think that that niche proved to be so dumb that will welcome any malware in his system. If Steve Jobs fooled you once why a good social engineer can’t make your machine working for him?

This is the official announcement. It is Apple.com, so I think that you are taking your credit card and doing an online order of the software suggested.

With the Apple fanatics desperate for that revelation and the users of other operating systems laughing so loud that they can’t read anymore why should I go on with this post?

Thanks to Feliciano for his post.



The bigger threat so far is a worm that asks for the administrator password...
Hopefully Mac users still don't need an antivirus!

Certainly this doesn't mean there will never be bigger threats...

Jeffrey Christian

you're an idiot. can't afford a mac?


You have to tell that to the people working at Apple.com

However asking a user to so something is quite easy. Doing that in a credible way is a little more hard, but with the right words still feasible.

And don't forget that inexperienced users always does what is not supposed to do. They are great at messing up a system.

The solution to all the virus problem is to don't give the administrator password to regular users. They don't have to do anything without the authorization of a super-user. It is quite harsh, but it works with all the systems. And works terribly well.


The problem is that to get a worm on the Mac (as of today) you have to voluntarily download an application, double click on it, provide an admin password...
There's no anti virus protecting against stupidity!


Does it matter if I can't afford a Mac?
I don't want a Mac. Full stop.

Please, turn on your reality distortion field and look at the page from Apple.com I posted.
Then go to install the antivirus that Steve Jobs is telling you to get.

The way you commented this post makes you win 2 dumbness point.


Why you are so kind with users?

As long as the average Joe knows the password and seeing some (supposed) hot pictures requires that password he is going to be fooled.

On the other side commercials are telling him that Mac OS is a UNIX and there are no virus for UNIX. What is he risking if the system is unbreakable?


A program asking for a password and then messing up the system is not a virus....

As of today viruses are not a threat for Macs!
Yet acting stupidly is a threat to everything...


@ tcid
The programs you're not calling malware are the same called malware on Windows.
You know well that the most of the malwares can't run on a well configured Windows, on the other hand they are still called malware.
Following the same thought we have to say that malwares for Mac OS definitely exist.

Anyway, I'll continue to run without any anti-malware programs both on Windows and Mac OS cause those programs are completely useless for skilled users (yes, I think I'm quite skilled).

Martin Clouthier

Your writing is horribly awkward. Your attitude is worse.

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