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Under The Wire

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Make Firefox 3 look exactly like Safari

Many people dislike Safari and switch to Firefox; I recently decided to try it and I started using it regularly. There are many features that only Firefox offers but there's one thing I particularly dislike of Firefox: the interface. Safari is truly well-designed: the GUI is uncluttered, simple and nice looking. How to make Firefox 3 look like exactly like Safari? These are the steps you have to take:

  • Install the "Combine Stop-Reload Buttons" extension (currently at version 0.3); it merges the stop and reload buttons
  • Install the "Fission" extension (currently at version 1.0); it provides a Safari-like progress bar, which shows behind the URL
  • Install "Quartz PDF Plugin" to give Firefox 3 the ability to view PDFs
  • Install the "Inquisitor" extension... it's so cool!
  • Open a blank page and type about:config , press enter, click on "I'll be careful, I promise" and edit "browser.tabs.tabMaxWidth" to "200" and "browser.tabs.tabMinWidth" to "150"; this will change the tab width to make it more like Safari.
The result is almost pixel perfect! ...Enjoy!



Can you post a screen?


It's a few months I'm constantly using Firefox 3 instead of Safari 3 and my interface is quite different from the result you'll obtain with tcid's guide.
However I think it's more usable if you're used to keyboard shortcuts.

Here is a screenshot of my Firefox 3: link.

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