Under The Wire

Under The Wire

Thursday, October 9, 2008

A must read: The UNIX haters handbook

To celebrate a university course where I should learn to do Linux system programming in C I’d like to tell the world what really UNIX is.

I’m not going to write down anything, someone did it years ago but since UNIX is old, terribly old, I don’t think someone is going to experience something better than the hell is described in the book. :-D

The good thing of the book is that has also some bad words for C programming language, so I didn’t had to look for another book telling how crappy is C. By the way I don’t mean that if you want search you are going to find nothing. Just try and tell me what you found.

If you are a UNIX fan and you think that what is written in the book isn’t true you just have to add a comment.

If you are a UNIX fan that wants to help me even if I’m a bad boy you should tell me a small (I mean really small) Linux distribution to run in a virtual machine. Your help would be really appreciated.



What about Damn Small Linux?!

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