Under The Wire

Under The Wire

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Apple getting bigger than Microsoft

ZDNet publishes a really interesting article comparing Apple and Microsoft from a economical point of view: is Apple becoming as big as Microsoft?

Take a look at the data:
Revenue: $15.1 billion | Net profits: $4.3 billion | Cash & cash equivalents: $20.7 billion
Revenue: $11.7 billion | Net profits: $2.4 billion | Cash: $25.5 billion
Is the good old fight back again?
Will Apple ever catch up?



Ah ah ah... this is funny!!!


I'm disappointed to see that you not only are giving your moneys for products that always gives you less, but also are happy to see that the money aren't used in products but for the bank account.

However I don't have to come to school with both a PowerBook and an Acer, so maybe I'm missing something really big :-)

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